Eight node.js projects worthy of attention in 2021


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Reprint recommendation: whether the project is used for their own applications or looking for open source projects to contribute code, these are good choices

1. Cytoscape.js

Eight node.js projects worthy of attention in 2021


This open source JavaScript library for visualization and graphical analysis implements rich interactive functions. The functions of selecting square area, pan, pinch, pull and zoom are all out of the box.

Cytoscape can be used in the node.js server environment to complete graphics analysis tasks, or it can be used on the command line. Developers interested in turning to data science can choose to participate in the development of Cytoscape. Its contribution guidelines and documents are great.

2. PDFKit


A useful node based PDF generation library helps to create complex PDF files for download, and supports embedded text, font, annotation, vector graphics and other features. However, the documentation of this project is not rich, so it is a little difficult to contribute code to it.

3. Socket.IO

Eight node.js projects worthy of attention in 2021


It provides a two-way, real-time event based communication mechanism, supports all browser devices, and also pays attention to performance. For example, you can develop a simple chat application based on it.

After the server receives the new message, it will send it to the client. The client receives the event notification without sending another new request to the server.

The following useful features are supported:

  • Binary stream
  • real-time analysis
  • Document collaboration

4. Strapi

Eight node.js projects worthy of attention in 2021


Open source content management system. The back-end system provides functions through rest style APIs. The main goal of the project is to deliver structured content on all devices.

This project supports many features, including built-in mail system, file upload and JSON web token authentication. The content structure based on strapi is very flexible, which can be used to create content grouping and customize API.

5. Nest

Eight node.js projects worthy of attention in 2021


Nest is a very popular new generation framework for creating efficient and scalable server-side applications. The bottom layer is based on the express framework and uses typescript to combine functional and object-oriented programming elements. Its modular architecture allows you to use various libraries flexibly.

6. Date-fns

Eight node.js projects worthy of attention in 2021


Date FNS is still the simplest and consistent tool set for processing JavaScript dates in node.js and browser environments. It also works well with modern module packaging tools such as browse, webpack and roll up. Community support is very good, so there are many localization areas supported, and various functions have detailed descriptions and examples.

7. SheetJS

Eight node.js projects worthy of attention in 2021


This node.js library can handle Excel spreadsheets and other related functions. For example, export tables, convert HTML tables and JSON arrays to xlsx files. The community is very large, and the documentation of the contribution guide is also great.

8. Express.js

Eight node.js projects worthy of attention in 2021


This is one of the most popular open source projects of node.js. It can efficiently handle HTTP requests. It is based on JavaScript, a language suitable for both server and browser, so it is of great value.

It is a powerful tool for developing high-speed and safe applications.

Basic characteristics:

  1. Supports different extensions and plug-ins
  2. Routing mechanism based on HTTP method and URL
  3. Seamless integrated database

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