Editplus3 makes the function fully display


I often use EDITPLUS, mainly because of its fast startup, small files, custom code, green. It is found that when you open PHP with it, you can open the function list by pressing Ctrl + F11, that is, all the function names in the file will be displayed in the list, and double-click will select the function, which is very convenient

However, EDITPLUS 3 is installed by default and does not support object-oriented methods such as final and static display. Therefore, I looked at the setting of function template, which is also used to configure regular expressions. Regular OKL can be easily changed. For example:

Copy codeThe code is as follows:
^[ \t]*(public |private |protected )?function[ \t].*\([^;]*$
Copy codeThe code is as follows:
^[ \t]*(final )?(public |private |protected )?(static )?function[ \t].*\([^;]*$

editplus 函数模板1

editplus 函数模板2