Editor debate


The editor is the most frequent of the tools that mcnon deals with every day. Here are a few editors I have used.


In this world, there is a story about these two artifacts: Emacs is said to be the editor of God, and VIM is the God of editor. We can see the abuse degree of vim. At the beginning of programming, I used vim. I remember that when I first started to open VIM, the whole person was in a state of stupor. After typing on the keyboard for half a day, I didn’t input a character. Later, I learned that this is VIM’s “normal mode”. To input characters, I had to enter “insert mode”. Later, I learned that VIM also has “visual mode”, “command mode” and so on, which completely subverted my understanding of the editor. I thought: it’s amazing that there are so many modes in an editor! Later, I gradually became familiar with VIM, and I couldn’t help but exclaim that VIM is powerful and efficient! For example, copying a row and inserting a row are faster than mouse operation.

Sublime text

The second editor I use is sublime text, and I can’t remember the motive of using it. Anyway, I think it’s very beautiful and fast. The advantage of sublime text over VIM is that it is very convenient to install plug-ins. A command can install the required plug-ins. Of course, it has many advantages, such as support for multi line editing, go to anything, command panel and so on. Plug ins are also very rich, which can be said to be a sharp tool for front-end development.


The third editor I use is atom, which is developed and open-source by GitHub. It has a very high appearance value and rich plug-ins. The website calls it “a customizable editor for the 21st century.”. The only thing bad is Atom is too laggy. Sometimes it will die. Will it be better?

Now I switch back to sublime text as the main editor in daily life, and I turn on VIM mode in sublime text, and I can experience the power of vim again.

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