Eclipse + socket + extjs4.2.1 development environment construction





1、 Download extjs4.2.1

Or in Baidu search keyword: ext-4.2.1- Download.

After downloading, the specific version number of extjs is ext-

2、 Download the socket plug-in

After downloading, the version number of the socket is: socket-1.6.23

3、 Installing the socket plug-in in eclipse

1. Unzip the rar file and copy the files in the features folder and plugins folder to the features folder and plugins folder in the root directory of eclipse.

2. Open eclipse,choicewindowproferencespketjavascript profilesnew (inputExt JS4.2.1)。


3. SelectExt js4.2.1, select add library, and select ext JS in the pop-up select Library dialog box.

4. Click ext js4.2.1 and expand to see ext JS, as shown in the following figure:

5. Click extjs and selectAdd file, select under extjs folder after decompressionext-all- dev.js (in the root directory)Note that the entire path cannot appear in Chinese.

6.SelectExt JS 4.2.1, set the default.


7.take jsThe default open mode is set to spket(If it is not successful, please repeat the above steps, focusing on the second step6Step 1: after setting the default, the font of “ext JS 4.2.1” turns black obviously)



9.newly buildjavascriptFile, inputExt+. An automatic prompt will appear:


If no auto prompt appears, right-clickYour JS file has an open with – select socket JavaScript editor If the prompt still does not appearYou can right-click on the project file and select“Reload JavascriptProfiles menu, rightjavascriptFile reload.

Conclusion: friends who contact extjs for the first time may need to do it several times when setting up the environment. In particular, don’t copy the entire folder of extjs to the project immediately after downloading it, just like using easyUI. That will lead to eclipse memory overflow and keep building the workspace. This is because extjs is a heavyweight front-end framework with a volume of more than 300 m. Also, if you encounter problems in other situations, it is suggested to change the switch workspace of eclipse directly and start all over again. Finally, if you download other versions, the specific steps may be different. Please refer to the two articles in this blog.