Eclipse configures Tomcat to develop dynamic web project environment


1、 Introduction

Used to MyEclipse, have you ever thought about developing dynamic web project projects based on eclipse? There are a lot of online materials, but in practice, we find that there are always problems like this and that. In order to design Lucene search engine project, we have rebuilt the environment. We have a lot of feelings. We should summarize them first for future use.

2、 Version Description

2.1 Eclipse J2EE

Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.
Version: Kepler Service Release 1
Build id: 20130919-0819

2.2 JDK


2.3 Tomcat

Tomcat6.0 for windows

2.4 TomcatPlugin

3、 Installation instructions

3.1 Tomcat plug-in

After decompressing, copy it to the directory of eclipse / plugins and eclipse / dropins.

3.2 setting Tomcat

Eclipse configures Tomcat to develop dynamic web project environment

4、 Problem description

4.1 tomcatplugin version

There is a problem with tomcatpluginv32.0, which needs to be updated to tomcatpluginv32.1 or tomcatpluginv33. Otherwise, an error will appear when starting Tomcat

Warning: bootstrap: command “D: program files \ \ apache-tomcat-6.0.16 \ \ conf\ server.xml ” does not exist.

4.2 Tomcat toolbar three cats can’t find the problem

The Tomcat plugin V33 plug-in must be copied to the directory eclipse / dropins at the same time, otherwise the icons of the three cats will not be found;

4.3 the version of eclipse must use the version of for J2EE