AsideIn the last episode (what, isn’t this the first episode). We said, sincecanvasSince its launch, it has undergone several changes, and its functions have gradually improved.flashThe decline and popularity of modern browsers, more and more games and visual applications choose to usecanvasTo develop. Therefore, a lot of related frameworks have been created, and there are many kinds of excellent works. So in this environment, Yu Xiaoyue’sxchartsSeries of works, function convergence and incomplete, code confusion, poor design, not even to build wheels (from its imitation)echartsThe difference can not be calculated by reason). Why do we stand out from a number of excellent works and become models for future generations, and people are competing to read the works?xchartsWhat is it and what’s its role? What’s the flash? What kind of person is its author Yu Xiaoyue? And why did Yu Xiaoyue write it?xchartsWhat about it? Welcome Professor Yi Xiaotian (scratched out) to a forum in this issue, bringing you from scratch.EchartsLecture SeriesxchartsPast and present life.


Hello, everyone. I’m Yi Xiaotian.

Last time,xchartsWhy does such a bad semi-finished product stand out? This needs to start from the environment at that time, what environment?canvasThe development environment of the framework. That timecanvasOver the years, both game engines and visual charts have mature and excellent frameworks.
Yes, and there are more than one or two. Their users were also quite a lot, so it can be said that almost all the front-end developers had heard about it at that time.

But we say that any qualified developer, or developer who wants to improve himself, can’t just use the framework, right? It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the framework principles and even the source code in order to grow. But Yu Xiaoyue is such a person who wants to improve himself. He feels that although he has seen itcanvasOfapiBut how can we do it?echartsSo cool, no clue at all, can only be admired in vain. So I want to know its principle and design.

How to understand the principle? The strength of the source directory is obvious, the strength of the weak can only be seen in the tutorial and analysis. The strength is much stronger or much weaker. That is obviously much weaker. At that time, many people could not call programmers, but barnacles! This word may not be well understood by all of you. It’s an old term. It means that it’s a weak chicken anyway. And for Xiaoyue, at that time… How to say, can only say that there is no weak to hopeless bar.

His first reaction is search ah, Baidu search Google. Is there anything wrong with search-oriented learning? You will think that since the mass base of these frameworks is so broad and there are so many contributors, relevant analysis should not be in the minority?

Yu Xiaoyue also thinks so.

As for the results, you should be able to guess, the results are very few. We can only find some ways to achieve particle effects, or introduce some of them.canvasThe library and its use. Yu Xiaoyue was confused at that time: How can I improve when you keep calling me to make progress? Why don’t there be any tutorials on the internet?

I wonder if you have such questions, why not?

AsideAt that time:canvasThe development is flourishing, and visualization chart is the leader.echartsIt is one of the best. As a rare and widely acclaimed open source work of Baidu Department, there are numerous researchers and users, but Yu Xiaoyue searched the whole network.
There was no better analytical tutorial, and no other field at that time, such asmvvmframevue reactThe analysis of flooding is quite different. Why on earth is that? Will this be written by Xiao Yue?xchartsWhy?

Why not? Yu Xiaoyue himself summed up three reasons.

  • Its mathematics and physics are difficult, and the educators are tired, but the scholars get nothing.

What does that mean? That is to say, these frameworks involve a lot of difficult and obscure mathematical knowledge. Maybe you know it well by yourself, but you have to write it so that others can understand it. It’s not a simple thing, it’s a painstaking task, and ah, others may not understand it.


  • canvasSmall crowds.

andvuereactCompared with other frameworks,echartsThere are still fewer users. Or the whole front-end area, often usedcanvasThere are not many developers. Sometimes when you need to use it, you can use the framework. You don’t need to know much about it. Even users are not interested in the framework principle. So naturally there are fewer people who write analysis for this purpose.


  • Or exist, but not find.

What does that mean? That is to say, there may be, but he didn’t find it. Why didn’t it possibly be found? This is to introduce Yu Xiaoyue.

What kind of person is Yu Xiaoyue? As I said before, it’s a vegetable chicken. The question is, how many dishes are there? He is inxchartsIt’s written in the preface.

  • Yu Xue’s Civil Engineering is here on the way.

That is to say, he was originally studying civil engineering, and only half of it turned to the front end. That is to say, he is a non-subject farmer. The computer foundation is not good. Of course, what he said was more implicit. Although he said so, it may be that he is modest, right? Non-subject classes do not mean that ability is not good. But then he said.


  • Half a year away from home, not enough success, although unpredictable.

This means that only half a year after graduation, we have not accomplished many things, that is, we have little experience in the project, and we know little and stupidity. This should not be self-humility. Well, you’re writing an analysis course like this? I tell you, this is not the most excessive, what is the most excessive?


  • In this paper, the source of exploration begins.

Oh, that’s awful. When he wrote this article, he was just beginning to explore the principles. That’s the man who wrote it.xcharts

Although it is not explicitly stated above, one thing that can be savored is that his English may not be very good. So, there may be an analysis course in English, but he can’t find it, or he can’t understand it.

So was there any analysis of English at that time? It should be, but it’s been too long to verify. Not to mention it.

AsideProfessor Yi Xiaotian analyzed the reasons why Yu couldn’t find the relevant courses for us, and introduced Yu Xiaoyue’s situation at that time. Although the reason has been found, how to solve it? As a weak chicken, how can he explore the source without a tutorial?

Although we can’t find the relevant analysis, we still have to see that we can’t stop learning about it. But as I said before, Yu Xiaoyue is a vegetable chicken. Do you want to see the source code by yourself? Ah, yes, just watch it for yourself. You will think, can he understand?

He could barely understand. That’s what I mentioned earlier.vueIt matters. As I said before,vueSource code related analysis is a lot. Yu Xiaoyue has just seen some of them and read them completely himself.vueThe source code, also wrote notes. If you are interested, you can go and learn about it.

Although the source code of the two is different, Yu Xiaoyue has read the source code experience, it should be said that he also has some ability to extract and combine from highly decoupled code, so he can still understand the stumbling and stumbling.echartsThe source code.

Some people may have doubts, he looked at it, this andxchartsWhat does it matter? His notes should also be calledechartsRead notes. Yes, generally speaking, look at the source code, write analysis notes, a very common process.

But Yu Xiaoyue is lazy. He was asked to explain.echartsSource code, first of all, his understanding is not necessarily right, then how to make a trade-off so many things, as the saying goes, to take it from time to time, he does not know how to come. So he thought of another way to do it himself.echarts。 It can not only help oneself understand deeply, but also benefit the public.

This is also true.xchartsUnlike other libraries, their purpose and audience are totally different, so to speak.xchartsIt is tailored for people like Xiaoyue himself, and such people should be said not to be in the minority. So it can stand out.

Here it is.xchartsOrigin.

AsideProfessor Yi Xiaotian tells us about Yu Xiaoyue and his works.xchartsThe origin of its birth and its brief analysisxchartsCharacteristics. So where will Yu Xiaoyue start and how to create it?xchartsAnd make it easy to understand, so that readers at the same level as himself can understand it? Welcome to the next episode, build from scratchEchartsReconstruction of Lecture SeriesZrenderStart. Oh no, it’s canvas that broke the sky.

Note: If the above words are improper, they are all for the effect of the program, please laugh.
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