Easywechat web page authorization login


Using easywechat to log in to wechat

public function __construct ( Request $request = null ){
        $this->config = [
            'app_id' => 'wx11ca*****98df5',
            'secret' => 'f860284********2d732d0beae9',
            //Specifies the type of the result returned by the API call: array (default) / collection / object / raw / custom class name
            // 'response_type' => 'array',
            'oauth' => [
                'scopes'   => ['snsapi_userinfo'],
                'callback' => '/wx_callback',
    //Login operation
    public function login(){
        $app = Factory::officialAccount($this->config);
        //Not logged in, jump to the login interface
        if (!session('wechat_user')) {
            $oauth = $app->oauth;
            return $oauth->redirect();
    //Save login information
    public function wx_callback(){
        $code = input('code','');
        $app = Factory::officialAccount($this->config);
        $user = $app->oauth->user()->toArray();
        $user_data['openid'] = $user['id'];
        $user_data['name'] = $user['name'];
        $user_data['pic'] = $user['avatar'];
        $user_data['ctime'] = time();
        $user_data['ip'] = request()->ip();
        $user_data['sex'] = $user['original']['sex'];
        $user_data['address'] = $user['original']['country'].'-'.$user['original']['province'].'='.$user['original']['city'];
        $is = Db::name('user')->where(['openid'=>$user_data['openid']])->find();
            $res = Db::name('user')->insert($user_data);
            $is = Db::name('user')->where(['openid'=>$user_data['openid']])->find();
            echo 'err';


	//Home page
    public function index2(){
        $seo['title'] = config()['web']['site_title'];
        $seo['keywords'] = config()['web']['site_keywords'];
        $seo['description'] = config()['web']['site_description'];
        $this->assign('seo', $seo);
        $app = Factory::officialAccount($this->config);
        $this->assign('app', $app);
        return view($this->tpl);

Problems arising

The following information appears on the open page


Find the following directory to hide or delete HTML


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