EasyUI datetimebox control binding double click event to automatically select the current date and time


This method is to achieve this goal by extending the method without changing the original JS

First, expand a method of binding double click event in datetimebox control

$.extend($.fn.datetimebox.methods, {
     //Bind double click event method
     bindDblClick: function (jq) {
         var panel = $(jq).combo("panel");
         panel.find(".calendar-dtable tbody").unbind(".calendar").bind("dblclick.calendar", function (e) {
             var calendar = $(jq).datetimebox("calendar");
             var spinner = $(jq).datetimebox("spinner");
             var current = calendar.calendar("options").current;
             var year = current.getFullYear();
             var month = current.getMonth() + 1;
             var date = current.getDate();
             var time = spinner.spinner("getValue");
             var datetime = year + "-" + month + "-" + date + " " + time;
             $(jq).datetimebox("setValue", datetime);

Then bind the double click event in the onshowpanel event in the datetimebox control

 $.extend($.fn.datetimebox.defaults, {
     onShowPanel: function () {

Note: the above two extensions must be placed before the load datetimebox control.

This method is developed on the basis of easyui-1.7.0.