Easysoole release v3 4.6 update of some components – enterprise distributed PHP collaboration framework


Update content

In this update, we have updated the functions of some components and repaired the functions of some componentsbug, continue to improveEasySwooleStability.

For the specific use of the above components, please seeEasysoole official documentation


  • repaireasyswoole/payComponent to repair incompatible latest Alipay single transfer interfacebug


  • optimizationeasyswoole/componentComponent to avoid the problem of repeated registration of process objects.
  • optimizationeasyswoole/rpcComponent, which allows users to customize the maximum memory limit used by RPC server.

About easysoole

EasySwooleIt is a collaborative process that supports enterprise level distributed deploymentPHPFramework, which is a memory resident distributedSwooleFrame, designed forAPIBorn out of traditionPHPThe performance loss caused by running mode in process evocation and file loading supports high concurrency and high availability, compared with otherSwooleFrame (e.gHyperfSwoftEtc.),EasySwooleThe concurrency of is stronger.EasySwooleHighly encapsulatedSwoole ServerAnd still maintainSwoole ServerThe original feature supports mixed monitoring at the same timeHTTPWebSocketCustomize TCP and UDP protocols, and has a wealth of components. for exampleCollaborative universal connection poolTP style collaborative ORMXiecheng wechat SDKAlipay SDKCollaborative Kafka clientCollaborative elasticsearch clientCoroutine consul clientCollaborative redis clientCoroutine Apollo clientCollaborative NSQ clientCollaboration custom queueCollaborative memcached clientCollaborative view engineJWTCo process RPCCollaborative SMTP clientCollaboration http / websocket clientSynergetic actorCrontab timerCollaborative redis connection poolCollaboration MySQL connection poolCollaborative context managementIOCSnowflake ID generatorCollaboration HTTP, TCP, UDP, websocket serverValidator Verification CodeCustom processTracker link trackingAtomic current limiterFast cache cacheAutomatic generation of annotations and API documentsPolicy permissionsCaspin authentication permissionsAutomatic code generationOAuthCollaboration OSS / cos clientPrinter easylink cloud printer SDKDatabase migrationCollaboration etcd clientAnd many other components. Let developers write multi process, asynchronous and highly available application services with the lowest learning cost and energy.

Design concept

EasySwooleThe author first contactedSwoole, yes2015At the beginning of, it was contacted to realize a multi process crawler that can be controlled in real timeSwoole, and thenSwooleFascinated by all kinds of convenience and efficiency. Therefore, after a comprehensive technical review, the company decided to start the whole line promotionSwoole, and useSwooleRealize the task crawling and delivery service of carrying more than 100 million external tasks every day.2017At the beginning of the yearRangoEncouraged by, the author decided to open source the framework andRangoUnder the suggestion of, namedEasySwoole

So far,EasySwooleWe have been adhering to the concept of “making it easier for developers to learn to use swoole”, and we have gradually improved itEasySwooleFramework documentation for morephperGet started better, faster and easierSwoole, hugSwooleMore developers can easily write applications and services that support high concurrency and high concurrency.

Complete documentation

We have invested a lot of time in the construction of documents to solve various problems caused by missing documents. A large number of examples are also provided in the documents, which is very friendly to novices.EassySwooleOfficial website document address:www.easyswoole.com

Production available

We did a lot of unit tests for components to ensure the correctness of logic and maintain high-quality documents. And so far,EasySwooleAlready inCCTVTencent IEG360 Finance360 games9377 gamesXiamen meitu.comWangsu TechnologyEarly Yuan FoodCicada masterBaby busRuixiang Technology GroupIt can be said that it has been tested by the harsh production environment. It is precisely because we have experienced the use of a large number of online project production environment that we officially opened the project to the outside world. Because we are stable enough, customers can use it safely.

Official website and communication

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Easysoole official website

Easysoole QQ group: 853946743

Easysoole VIP QQ group: 579434607 (this group needs to pay 599 yuan)

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