Easy to use performance testing tool – Glances


I often use htop tool to perform performance test on the host. But it can only manage. And briefly display process and CPU and memory usage information;

Glances are better performance testing tools. Htop can also display disk IO net and other information. There is also a web UI and ipc schema. This tool is extremely handy when we have multiple machines.

Glances tools can be installed using yum on fedora. Specific use information can be viewed in the man manual. You can also use h to check after glances.

Usage mode:

Glances -1 goes directly into command line mode

# when using webUI mode, use PIP install bottle to install the corresponding components.

Glances -p 9090 -username – password-w # open webserver mode specify port and username

Glances -p 9090 -username – passwort-s # open rpcserver mode and specify port and username

Glances -c hostname-p 9090 # connect rpcserver to develop hostname and other information

For more information please use glances -h check;

Warehouse address: https://github.com/nicolargo/glances

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