Dubbo programming summer registration started


We are pleased to announce that Apache Dubbo has officially participated in gsoc 2022 (2022 Google programming summer camp) as an independent project, and the current contributor registration stage has been officially launched. If you are interested in Dubbo, gsoc and open source, you are welcome to sign up. It is worth noting that there is a change in gsoc rules this year:This year’s activities are also open to college students and social employees.In other words, developers interested in open source and coding can sign up for the Dubbo project summer camp.

This is the third time that Apache Dubbo community has participated in Google programming summer camp, and the previous two sessions have been a complete success. On the one hand, Dubbo community has received many valuable contributions; On the other hand, through the cooperation with communities and mentors, the personal computer skills and vision of contributors have been greatly improved. Some participants were nominated as Apache Dubbo Committee / PMC in the subsequent continuous contribution process, which also received olive branches from many excellent enterprises.

About gsoc

Google summer of code and Google programming summer camp is a global programming project focusing on introducing new contributors to open source projects. Gsoc contributors work with an open source organization on a programming project for more than 12 weeks under the guidance of their mentor. Since 2005, the Google Code summer program has linked more than 18000 new open source contributors from 112 countries with more than 17000 mentors from 118 countries. Google summer of code has provided more than 40 million lines of code to 746 open source organizations.

During the Google Code summer, participating contributors paired up with mentors from open source organizations to get in touch with real-world software development technologies. Contributors will learn from experienced open source developers and write code for real-world projects! Offer a small allowance as a reward. Participating organizations use the project to identify and introduce new and enthusiastic developers. For a long time after the end of gsoc, many of these new developers will continue to contribute to their new community and open source.

Gsoc complete process

The following is the basic process of applying for and participating in gsoc. If you want to link the specific timetable of 2022, please refer to the section of registration instructions at the end of the text.

Contributors submit application
Contributors find interested open source communities and topics, write proposals for the topics and submit them.

Contributor proposal assessment
After receiving the proposal, the open source community and tutors start the evaluation process.

Announcement of contributor proposal evaluation results
The open source community contacts mentors and proposal contributors for those who pass the evaluation.

Familiar with the community
It takes about 3 weeks for contributors to get familiar with the open source community and the project they signed up for. If they have any questions during this period, they can discuss with their tutors.

• coding and development
The contributor starts the real design and development work. When this stage is completed, the contributor shall complete the overall submission of the final project results.

Project outcome evaluation
This is an achievement scoring stage. Both contributors and mentors need to submit the final evaluation results:

a. The tutor gives the overall score to the contributors based on the project results submitted by the contributors.
b. Contributors rate mentors based on their guidance during their work.

Submit final evaluation results
The tutor finally evaluates whether the contributor has officially passed the gsoc project assessment.

Announce the final result
The gsoc organizing committee publishes the final results and notifies the tutors and contributors.

Apache Dubbo gsoc 2022 program

Apache Dubbo community has designed a total of 8 topics including Java, golang, rust and other languages this year. The topics are taken from the key work directions of the community in 2022, such as Dubbo 3.0, service mesh, observability, etc. the topics are all the cutting-edge directions of the current micro service industry, which are challenging and innovative.

List of topics
The following is a link to the topics we designed. At present, some topics are described from a relatively high level. After reading, you may find that it only provides a large description of the work direction and lacks specific work content guidance. You don’t have to worry too much about this. If you are interested in the topic, you can describe your overall understanding and ideas in the proposal, and our community mentor will further communicate with you. If you have any questions about the topic, you can also leave a message at the issue or contact us through the following contact information.

• Proxyless Mesh (Java)[1]
• Thin SDK for Proxy Mesh (Java)[2]
• observability (Java) [3]
• Proxyless Mesh (Golang)[4]
• Thin SDK for Proxy Mesh (Golang)[5]
• observability (golang) [6]
• service governance use case design and implementation [7]
• rust language implementation [8]
• benchmark and performance optimization (golang)
• ecological operation and maintenance tools (golang)
• flexible load balancing (golang)
• middleware adaptation extension (golang)
• Pixiu gateway sidecar mode exploration
• exploration of traffic distribution mode of Pixiu gateway
• Pixiu gateway elegant hot update
• Pixiu gateway wasm plug-in support
• Pixiu gateway observability
• Pixiu gateway timeout mechanism optimization

Registration instructions

As mentioned earlier,This year’s Dubbo programming summer is open to college students and social employees at the same time,Any developer interested in open source can sign up.

• Apache community enrollment guidelines:https://community.apache.org/gsoc.html#prospective-asf-mentors-read-this

• please leave a message under GitHub issue, including personal contact information, questions, etc.

• Google official registration address:https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/

In order to facilitate your registration, we have the following consultation channels open. If you have any questions about the registration, title and how to write the proposal, you can go to consult.

• nail group: 35345725 (Dubbo programming summer consulting)
• email: [email protected]


The Dubbo (Google) programming summer activity is a very good way to learn about Apache Dubbo and participate in open source projects. The Dubbo community welcomes all open source enthusiasts to actively sign up and wish you a good harvest in the activity.

Related links

[1]Proxyless Mesh (Java)

[2]Thin SDK for Proxy Mesh (Java)

[3] Observability (Java)

[4]Proxyless Mesh (Golang)

[5]Thin SDK for Proxy Mesh (Golang)

[6] Observability (golang)

[7] Service governance use case design and Implementation

[8] Rust language implementation

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