When writing front-end java script at the beginning, if you want to verify the function on the page, you will repackage it, restart tomcat, and paste the java package into the deploy directory manually. This is the method that kindergarten students will choose.

Next, we use a plug-in called jrebel, which can realize hot deployment, but it will slow down the IDE, and the machine is too bad..

In the end, the local law had to be adopted. Pieces. The same. Step. Big. Law.

The first tool used is pathsync. Unfortunately, it does not support automatic and multi directory synchronization.

The tool now in use is called DSynchronize, which supports automatic and multi directory synchronization. When using the latest version of 2.30.3 on the machine of the nest, synchronization failure will occur, and it will not be damaged after being downgraded to 2.30.2.