Dropbox + farbox quickly create free blog station


Create your own Dropbox account

  • Registered address:DropboxClick the link to register, so easy;
  • After the account registration is successful, you can choose to download the synchronization client (windows, MAC, IOS, Android). In order to facilitate blog writing, it is recommended to download and install the most commonly used synchronization client (of course, it can be used if you do not download and install). The synchronization client of Dropbox is the same as Baidu and 360’s network disks. After you specify a directory on your system, it will be automatically synchronized The use of the folders and files in this directory is similar;

Log in to farbox with your Dropbox account

  • Open linkFarboxUsers registered before May 1, 2014 can use the basic version (1 $/ year) for free for five years. Let’s hurry up, but the price of 1 $/ year is similar to that of free;
  • Click “login with Dropbox” to jump to Dropbox for account authentication and authorization. Of course, you must click to allow and authorize access to Dropbox’s app directory (similar to QQ, microblog and Google account login);
  • After the authorization is successful, it will automatically jump back to the farbox page. At this time, your blog station has been successfully established;
  • Click “admin” on the page returned after successful authorization to enter the website management interface;
  • Website management

    • set up-Set the website title, website avatar, content display options, comment method and other contents. Remember to click Save settings after modifying;
    • Editor-You can write your article here just like writing Evernote or other cloud notes. Click “new post” to create a new article, which supports the markdown format(What is markdown?PS: This article is written in mark down;
  • Click the link of “visit website” in the upper left corner to see your own blog website in the new window. The domain name in the address bar is the secondary domain name automatically assigned to you by farbox. The default template is extremely simple and elegant. I like it very much. If you don’t like it, you can select the drop-down box in the “website template” in the website management interface to select the template preview and select After that, click “select this template” and it’s OK!

Domain name binding

If you don’t like the secondary domain name automatically assigned to you by farbox, you can bind your favorite secondary domain name or your own domain name, go back to the management interface, select the “bind” tab in the settings page, and set your own secondary domain name here( xxx.farbox.com , XXX represents your favorite secondary domain name. Please clickView document)Or fill in your own top-level domain name. If it is a secondary domain name, you should be able to use the new secondary domain name to visit your website now.

If you want to bind your own top-level domain name, you need to send your domain name address CNAME to the domain name specified by farbox www.abc.com If you bind to farbox’s small site, you need to add the domain name www.abc.com Point to the www.abc.com.park.farbox.net , which needs to be set in the resolution management interface provided by your domain name service provider(dnspodFor more detailed domain name setting methods, please clickView document

After domain name resolution takes effect, you can use your own bound domain name to visit the website. Generally, domain name resolution takes more than 2 hours to take effect (DNSPod is 0-10 minutes). Please wait patiently for a period of time to refresh the domain name view. If you still can’t access after more than 24 hours, please try to clear the browser cache and try again. My website has bound its own domain namehttp://www.heishuiguo.comWelcome.

Up to now, your own elegant and writable website has been built. Share the secondary domain name or your own bound domain name provided by farbox to your friends!

Except for the words you write, there’s nothing extra. Isn’t it cool? Apart from elegance, simplicity and cool, what’s the difference in farbox? Why do I need to sign up for Dropbox?

Why Dropbox?

The website created by farbox is different from our traditional blog and website. In fact, it is created by using the application API of Dropbox. Articles and directories of the website are stored in the “farbox” folder under the application (APP) directory of Dropbox in the form of files or folders (the secondary domain name folder of the website is the content of this site). The sub folder created under your domain name folder is the directory classification of the website, and each article is a file in the folder in the format of TXT (Notepad) and MD (markdown). Even the site’s configuration data is stored in your Dropbox in TXT format.

Have you thought of anything cooler so far?