Dreamweaver, Photoshop in the surface high-resolution toolbar font and button is too small solution


Recently, I started the surface pro, which is easy to carry and work, and the standby time is still long. The main reason is that the ThinkPad is a little too thick. It’s normal to reinstall the system, but the font of DW, Photoshop and other software is too small. I solved it through the following software. I’d like to share it

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Solution for too small fonts and buttons in many software toolbars under surface high resolution
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Just bought a new surface, installed Dreamweaver and Photoshop, opened it and found that the font was so small that you couldn’t see it clearly when you narrowed your eyes. Baidu said it was because the surface resolution was high. It’s not just Dreamweaver. Many software installed on the surface will have this problem. Find a reliable solution and record it.

1. Open the registry (press Win + R and enter regedit), and expand the directory on the left toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion >SideBySide

2. Make sure the mouse clicks on sidebyside, and then right-click on the right > New > DWORD (32-bit) value

3. Change the name of the value toPreferExternalManifestRight click the value, click Modify, set the value to 1, and then select decimal“

4. From link http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnR94rt Yes“General scheme 1”Download from folder (password f1hu),Change the program name in the download file name to the same name as the. EXE file that can open this program in the installation directory(such as Dreamweaver. Exe. Manifest), and then copy the renamed manifest file directly to the installation directory.

5. After configuration, run the program, and the toolbar font and button size are normal.

According to the instructions in the post, this methodFor many Adobe software other than Photoshop(Posts LZ are available for testing fireworks and illustrator),   As for other software posts, some solutions are also provided. Here, copy it first in case of need.

1. From link http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnR94rt Yes“General scheme 2”Download explorersuite and dpimangler from the folder

2. Open the installation directory of the program for high-resolution screen adaptation. If the program is 32-bit, copy dpimangle.x86.dll in dpimangler folder to the installation directory. If the program is 64 bit, copy dpimangle.x64.dll

Installing explorersuite

3. Find the installation directory of the program for high-resolution screen adaptation, right-click to open. Exe of the program (note that. Exe should be backed up), and select open with CFF Explorer

4. In the pop-up window, click Import adder in the left menu, and then click “add” on the right to pop up the file manager. Open the. DLL file just copied to the program installation directory. At this time, a list will appear under exported functions. Select all the elements in the list, then click Import by name, and then click rebuild import table

5. Click the save icon at the top left to save (if the save fails because of insufficient permissions, you can save to another path first, and then copy the new. EXE file back to the original installation directory to overwrite it), and close CFF Explorer

6. The configuration is completed and the program can be run.

EclipseThere are proprietary solutions (it is recommended to install eclipse in hard disk version):

1. First install the JDK and configure the environment variables (Eclispe knows it, so I won’t explain it in detail here)

2. From link http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnR94rt Yes“Eclipse”Download the eclipse icon enlarger master from the folder,

3. After downloading, open this folder, right-click Shift + in this folder, and then select here to open the command window

4. In CMD, enter Java images.eclipseiconenlarger plus the installation path of eclipse and the scale you want to enlarge. For example, Java images.eclipseiconenlarger C: \ users \ Amrit \ codes \ eclipse 2 is twice the magnification

5. Wait for the program in CMD to finish running, and then you can open eclipse

PS: if the “main class cannot be found or loaded” occurs, you can use the Java – CP command to enter the absolute path. If the program cannot handle it because of permission problems, you can copy the entire eclipse folder, dispose of it, and then overwrite it.

PhotoshopThere are also proprietary solutions (2014cc version is recommended):

1. Open Photoshop

2. Click Edit > Preferences > experimental function, tick “200% zoom for high-density display” (it is recommended to tick the touch gesture, which is easy to use), and click OK

3. Restart Photoshop and the configuration is complete

PS: this function is not seen in the 2015cc version, but the touch gesture is supported without setting. Is there automatic adaptation but failed?

Developeppaer Xiaobian added: after testing the CS6 version of the software, the first method can also solve the problem.