Dreamweaver how to add pictures


Adobe Dreamweaver, abbreviated as “DW”, Chinese name “dream weaver”, is a WYSIWYG web editor developed by Macromedia company of the United States, which integrates web page production and website management. DW is the first set of visual web development tools specially developed for professional web designers. With it, dynamic web pages can be easily created across platform restrictions and browser restrictions. Dreamweaver how to add pictures? This is what we all want to know, the following small series to introduce you to Dreamweaver pictures add graphics and text tutorial, interested in hurry to have a look at it.

Dreamweaver picture add text tutorial:

1. Open Dreamweaver software. If you don’t have Dreamweaver software in your computer, please click Dreamweaver v8.0 simplified Chinese version.

2. Click HTML.

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程2

3. Create a new project.

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程3

4. Put the mouse in two. (prepare the processed pictures first)

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程4

5. Click Insert to select the image.

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程5

6. The select picture window will pop up. Click OK.

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程6

7. Browse and select your picture. You can see the preview on the right side. Click OK.

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程7

8. Pop up and click OK.

9. Browse to find the picture, select the picture and click OK.

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程8

10. There will be the path of the picture in the detailed description. Click OK.

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程9

11. Click OK in the pop-up window.

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程10

12. As you can see, the picture has been added. The results are as follows

dreamweaver怎么添加图片 dreamweaver图片添加图文教程11

matters needing attention

The image size can be set outside the project or inside.

The above is a small series of Dreamweaver pictures for you to add graphics and text tutorial, I hope to help you, I hope you can get what you need here.