Dragon lizard operating system will be donated to the open atom open source foundation


On November 4, the dragon lizard community announced that,The dragon lizard operating system jointly opened by 14 units such as Alibaba cloud and Tongxin software will be donated to the open atom open source foundation. At present, it has passed the technical compliance review in the project incubation review, and the legal compliance review will be conducted soon.

The dragon lizard operating system, namely Anolis OS, is located on the server side, supports x86, arm, loongarch and other chip architectures and computing scenarios, is compatible with CentOS ecology, and supports one click migration to meet the usage habits and needs of users in various fields and industries after CentOS is out of service.

Open atom open source foundation is the first open source foundation in China. The guiding unit is the Ministry of industry and information technology. It is committed to becoming a world-class open source foundation. The projects under incubation include Alios things, xuperchain, openharmony, pika, tkestack, ubml, tencentos tiny, etc. they come from Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, Inspur, Tencent, 360 and China Merchants Bank.

Dragon lizard operating system will be donated to the open atom open source foundation

Previously, the dragon lizard community has launched the dragon lizard operating system Anolis OS 8.4 community version.Tongxin software, China Mobile cloud, Zhongke FangdeAnd other enterprises have launched their own commercial versions based on the community version of the dragon lizard operating system. The dragon lizard operating system is also fully launched on Alibaba cloud, with a total installed capacity of one million.

“After the vote of 14 community governing units, they unanimously agreed to donate the source code and trademark of the dragon lizard operating system, which is equivalent to donating them all from face to face. We hope that more developers will participate in building a neutral open source ecosystem and make the dragon lizard a representative of China’s open source operating system.”Ma Tao, chairman of dragon lizard community and head of Alibaba cloud operating system“The dragon lizard community will continue to increase investment. As the chairman unit of the community, Alibaba cloud plans to invest 2 billion special funds for the dragon lizard will also be gradually implemented.”

Zhang Lei, vice president of dragon lizard community and CTO of Tongxin software“Donation is just the starting point. In the future, under the guidance of the foundation, the dragon lizard community will improve its structure, continue to invest, go to a new level and become an important force in the global open source movement,” he said

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Dragon lizard operating system will be donated to the open atom open source foundation

About dragon lizard community
Openanolis is a non-profit open source community composed of enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, non-profit organizations and individuals on the basis of voluntariness, equality, open source and cooperation. Dragon lizard community was established in September 2020 to build an open source, neutral and open Linux upstream distribution community and innovation platform.

The short-term goal is to develop the dragon lizard operating system (Anolis OS) as an alternative to CentOS and rebuild a distribution compatible with international mainstream Linux manufacturers. The medium and long-term goal is to explore and build a future oriented operating system, establish a unified open source operating system ecology, incubate innovative open source projects and prosper the open source ecology.

Dragon lizard OS 8.4 has been released and supports x86_ 64. Arm64 and loongarch architectures are well adapted to Intel, Feiteng, haiguang, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Godson and other chips, and provide full stack national secret support.

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