Download file function


Download with a tag. If it is a third-party resource, you need to request it back. Otherwise, it will be opened as a link. Also see if the backend has CORS policy blocking.

//Judge whether it is IE browser or not
   IEVersion() {
      let userAgent =  navigator.userAgent ; // get the useragent string of the browser  
      let isIE =  userAgent.indexOf ("compatible") > -1 &&  userAgent.indexOf ("MSIE") > - 1; // judge if ie < 11 browser  
      let isEdge =  userAgent.indexOf ("edge") > - 1 & &! ISIE; // determine if it is the edge browser of IE  
      let isIE11 = userAgent.indexOf('Trident') > -1 && userAgent.indexOf("rv:11.0") > -1;
      if(isIE || isEdge || isIE11) {
        return true
      const fileName = ' ITSell.jpeg '// export file name
      //For < a > tags, only Firefox and chrome (kernel) support the download attribute
      //Ie10 above supports blob, but still does not support download
        Const blob = new blob ([content]) // construct a blob object to process data. Content is the BLOB data returned by the request. When the request is made, you should add responsetype ='blob 'to let the server return the blob type
      if ('download' in  document.createElement ('a ') & &! Ieversion()) {// browser supporting a tag Download
        const link =  document.createElement ('a ') // create a tag  =Add attributes to the file name // a tag = 'none'
        link.href =URL.createObjectURL(blob);
        document.body.appendChild(link) () // download
        URL.revokeObjectURL ( link.href )// release URL
        document.body.removeChild (link) // release label
      }Else {// other browsers
        navigator.msSaveBlob(blob, fileName);

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