If it is double happiness, I want it, but these double have brought me trouble.

Others say I should have a rest, and I also think it’s necessary. Otherwise, if it goes on like this, I’m afraid I’ll lose myself and can’t find my way back.

After yesterday’s lunch break, I chatted with my colleagues. After 1:30, I suddenly remembered that I had arranged an interview, so I entered the video conference to see whether the two sides were in progress. As a result, there was no one except me. Hey.

The time was more than eight minutes longer than the agreed time. I guess the general manager of the interview forgot the time, so he called the candidate first, but no one answered. I thought he refused the interview because he disliked the interviewer’s appointment.

We can only inform the interviewer to reschedule his appointment and let him do his own business first. Originally, I thought it would be like this for the time being. As a result, the candidate called back and told me that it was delayed because the last interview was not over. Now I can participate in the interview.

When I work, I usually use the landline to contact. In an emergency, I dialed the interviewer with my mobile phone, told him the situation, and invited him to the interview. He said, “OK.”

Hang up the phone, press the redial button on the landline, and say to the person on the phone, “Hello, interviewer, this will facilitate the interview. Now you can enter the video conference.”

A voice came out of the phone: “OK.”

Wait, why is it so familiar? Why not the voice of young people?

After looking at the phone number, I suddenly realized that I called the interviewer on my landline and treated him as a candidate. I made such a stupid mistake and he didn’t correct me, but he must feel strange. What’s the matter with this man today, ha!

Inform the candidates again quickly. They finally started the interview, and I laughed at my operation. Fortunately, I immediately realized the mistake, otherwise both sides were waiting for my notice for confirmation, which would be miserable.

I gave the interviewer double notice. He was very calm and looked at me.


After a busy morning, I ordered a snack and a cucumber for myself. I like this combination very much. After receiving the meal delivery call, I was busy at hand, so I asked the security guard to get it back for me.

When he entered the office, his expression was a little subtle. It was different from usual. He asked, “look, is this your meal?” I looked at the order and told him it was mine. He left with a puzzled face.

I opened the takeout bag. This time I covered the circle. Why two cucumbers? Where’s my snack? A voice rose in his heart: “hum, how could this careless seller make such a mistake?”

Yu Guang glanced at the order, eh? How can it really be two cucumbers? It’s impossible. Go to the app to check it. It really shows: “cucumbers * 2”.

But I clearly remember that I chose snacks first and cucumbers later. I remember these steps clearly. How could they become what they are now?

It’s no use trying to figure it out. Eat two cucumbers. Ha, I’m so sad. Now I finally understand the doubts of the security guard. It’s estimated that the seller is also muttering. What kind of fairy match is this?

We can’t go on like this. We decisively sent an email to our immediate superior and applied for three days of annual leave. In this way, we can adjust our state on weekends.

“8.27-8.30, why take three days off? Do you have to work one day on weekends?”

The superior replied to the email. My God, I filled in the date according to the calendar. That’s it. I also filled in the wrong number. Even the single digit is wrong. I think I really need to make up for sleep.

I don’t want to eat double cucumbers anymore. I’m not calm. I don’t want embarrassment.


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