Douban status tracking board


Douban status tracking board

Douban status tracking board

Works of predecessors

The code for this warehouse is based ondouban-boxThank the original author in particularCodeDaraWOpen source contribution

Installation guide


  1. Create an openGitHub Gist
  2. Create apersonal access token, checkgistAnd copy the token value.
  3. Log in or create aDoubanaccount number.
  4. Open the developer console on the web page, check the cookies, and find that the keyword isdbcl2And copy.

Douban status tracking board

  1. Click Douban personal homepage and copy the ID number on the URL.

Project start up

  1. Fork, this warehouse
  2. clickSettings > Secrets
  3. Add the following environment variables:
GIST_ID Copy the ID number on the URL:…
GH_TOKEN GitHub token generated above
DOUBAN_ID Copy the ID number on the URL:…
DOUBAN_COOKIE The value of dbcl2 copied above
LANG(Optional) Preferred language, default ischinese.


You can download and install through NPM:

$ npm i -g douban-status-tracker

Open source agreement

MIT License

Source code

Source code that has been shared in GitHub. If my article can help you, please click inSource codeOrder one★ Staroh