DOS Network July Project Monthly Report


DOS Network July Project Monthly Report
Dear DOS community supporters, welcome to check our monthly project progress report from July 1 to July 31! (viii)

Products and Development

We have released # beta 1.1 test network. Node operators with certain technical background or familiar with command line operation can fill in the application form and start a test network node according to GitHub document.

Test node application form:…

Github node document:…

We will soon release more features of # beta1.2 test network, please continue to pay attention to our updates!

Core technology updates:

The test web browser is online, and you can try it by searching the node address, event name, group ID, request ID, etc.
Developing Pledge Contract and Front End
Adding more nodes, improving node software, error debugging and correction, document updating, etc.

Develop reverse conversion relay from BEP2 token to ERC20 token.
YUAN AN DEX Relevant: Developing Trading Competition, Ranking List, Airdrop and Other Related Tools
Recent progress in cooperation

DOS network officially resides in wheat wallet, wheat wallet is a powerful and safe cross-chain wallet. It has supported Binance Chain, EOS, TRX, BTC, ETH, Cosmos/IRISnet and other ecosystems, supported decentralized cross-chain transactions, and built a multi-chain DApp ecosystem. DOS network users can directly convert ERC20 DOS into BEP2 DOS through wheat wallet, and trade DOS / BNB pairs. For details, please stamp the link:…

We have recently reached a new strategic cooperation, details of which please pay attention to the follow-up announcement.

Operations and markets

DOS network successfully obtained the “Yes” vote of all the nodes of YUAN’ANDEX and officially landed on YUAN’ANDEX at 6:00 p.m. Beijing time on July 8, 2019. We are very happy to join the coin chain ecology.
DOS Network July Project Monthly Report
In order to celebrate the successful issuance of BEP2 DOS tokens by DOS network and the successful landing of Android. We launched the DOS Rocket Program! Including token exchange incentives, trading contests, airdrops and other benefits. Stamp links for more information.

To celebrate the success of our strategic partner Ultrain in landing on DEX, DOS Network hosted an air drop event for partners with money users. Thousands of users participated in the event, and eventually about 300 eligible participants received our airdrop awards.

DOS Network July Project Monthly Report
In addition to partner airdropping, DOS network conducted 100,000 DOS community Airdropping in the Wechat community, joined the Wechat group, completed the task can be awarded Airdropping awards, Wechat community added 2159 users.
DOS Network July Project Monthly Report
Sun Xiaohu, head of DOS Network Operations & Business Development, was invited to participate in the StakingCon offline event co-sponsored by Odaily and BlockBeats.
DOS Network July Project Monthly Report
Wang Qi, co-founder and head of operations of DOS Network, was invited to participate as a round table guest in the theme Meetup of DeFi and the Future of Communications Economy, co-organized by Encryption Valley and Soterria in Shanghai. The application scenario of DOS Network in the field of DeFi and the importance of predictors in DeFi ecology were introduced.
DOS Network July Project Monthly Report
DOS Network joined a chain learning community, Hydro Protocol and Chain News to launch the first interactive community interview column of DeFi series, “DeFi the World Series Live AMA” at the end of July. We invited the co-founder and CEO of MARKET Protoccol, Seth Rubin, and Anton Buenavista, the core developer and head of ecological cooperation of kyber, two guests. For you to analyze the DeFi derivatives product status, dilemma and breaking point. Please stamp the link for details.

DOS Network July Project Monthly Report
In order to bring more benefits to DOS network supporters and attract more users to participate in our various activities held in Yuanyan DEX, we revised the main rules of some trading contests according to community feedback, reduced the requirements for winning prizes, and increased the number of lottery and airdrop. Please stamp the link for details.


DOS Network is a scalable two-tier network that implements decentralized predictors, providing data up-link services and computing power for mainstream block chains. It links the intelligent contract of block chain with real-world data and events, and provides verifiable computing power for block chain, so that more application scenarios can be implemented in block chain. It can support various mainstream block chains, such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, ThunderCore, Ultrain, QuarkChain, etc.

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