DOS command INTERLNK, intersvr command instructions


How to use it   DOS adds network support,  
           It can connect two computers to form a simple network through parallel port line or serial port line  
           Using INTERLNK   You must add a sentence in config.sys:  
           Both ends of parallel port line should be 25 pin male connector, and the connection between pins is shown in the figure below: corresponding  
           p5————————p10   Male connector refers to the connector with pin  
           p6————————p11   Female joint means that the joint is perforated  
           p25———————–p25   Ground wire  

[example] C: DOS \ > INTERLNK   Port-LPT1  
        this Computer    Other Computer 
         (Client)       (Server) 
            E:   equals   A: 
            F:   equals   C: 
In the client, disk e is disk a of the server, and disk f is Disk C of the server  
intersvr    Start simple web server  
Use it, the computer becomes a server (only with the simple network provided by DOS)  
Intersvr start server  
        intersvr  / lpt:1 Start the server and use LPT1 port as the data transmission port  
        intersvr  / com:1 Start the server and use COM1 port as the data transmission port  
Parameters and   x   baud:   b   v   rcopy  ( (see INTERLNK)  
[example] C: Dos > intersvrurl