Dos and quarkchain work together to meet the global business standard of blockchain


Dos and quarkchain work together to meet the global business standard of blockchain

Dear supporters, we are pleased to officially announce that dos network and quarkchain are working together to establish an important strategic partnership. The two projects will cooperate in depth to jointly promote the infrastructure construction of the blockchain world and contribute to the prosperity of the blockchain economy.

Quarkchain is a flexible, highly extensible and easy-to-use block chain underlying architecture based on sharding technology. At the same time, it is one of the first public chains in the world to successfully realize state fragmentation。 On the basis of previous practice, quarkchain has introduced a new and pioneering blockchain architecture design, aiming to meet the needs of global business activities with blockchain technology. By building a secure, decentralized, high-throughput and scalable underlying technology scheme of blockchain, it can achieve tens of thousands of on chain transaction processing capabilities per second.

Dos and quarkchain work together to meet the global business standard of blockchain

Quarkchain proposes a double-layer chain structure to confirm with the chain and deal with transactions in pieces. In addition, any consensus, virtual machine, ledger structure and token economics can be defined independently on the piecesBold text。 This flexibility of quarkchain enables it to adopt, apply, deploy and be compatible with the most cutting-edge innovations in the field of blockchain, such as virtual machine, consensus mechanism and token economics, so as to meet the different needs of various industries for blockchain technology. Quarkchain’s main network version 1.0 “singularity” will be officially launched on April 30, 2019. At that time, quarkchain will become the first public chain to realize the high concurrent sharding function, and the only public chain to support multiple consensus, multiple virtual machines, and multiple native tokens.

DOS network was founded by Hua Siyuan and Wang Qi, who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in electronic and computer engineering, early researcher and R & D Engineer of blockchain technology. It is a fully functional (supporting data Oracle and computing Oracle) scalable two-tier service network of decentralized Oracle, which enables decentralized applications to be safe and effective By using decentralized off chain network to obtain external data and perform complex calculations, this will greatly promote the development of application on the blockchain.

At the same time, DOS network can support various mainstream blockchains, such as Ethereum, EOS, Tron, thundercore, ultrain, quarkchain, etc. Through DOS network these public chains can obtain the real world stock, weather, flight and other information.
Dos and quarkchain work together to meet the global business standard of blockchain

Information interaction between blockchain and the real world has always been another big pain point hindering the application of blockchain.DOS network has long been committed to becoming a “bridge” between blockchain and the real worldTo enable the effective, fast and convenient transmission of information and data on and off the chain, so as to promote the application development and landing on the blockchain.

The formal establishment of the cooperation relationship between the two sides not only can directly consolidate the close ties between the two sides, but also brings great potential and possibility to the future industry development: Dos network will jointly explore and research the blockchain technology development with quarkchain, especially further research on the performance expansion of information interaction on and off the chain.DOS network will provide quarkchain with powerful technical support of Oracle network, improve the off chain performance of quarkchain on a large scale, and achieve the goal of information interaction between the chain and the real world. With the influence of quarkchain, the DOS ecosystem will usher in a new force, which can attract users in the global community of quarkchain to use the Oracle service of dos and join the DOS network as a node operator

DOS network and quarkchain will work closely together. Through technical cooperation and joint R & D, the two sides will promote complementary resources and achieve win-win cooperation. In order to provide more application cases for each other and promote the development of decentralized applications, the cooperation between the two sides will jointly build the blockchain community, provide services for the global blockchain ecosystem, and promote the ecological development of blockchain and the large-scale popularization of decentralized applications.

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