Dos and force protocol work together to expand the field of distributed cryptofinance


Dos and force protocol work together to expand the field of distributed cryptofinance

Dear supporters and followers of DOS network, we are pleased to announce that dos network and the force protocol have officially established a long-term strategic partnership, and the two sides will cooperate in the field of distributed encrypted financial services.

Force protocol is an open blockchain financial service platform, which can provide services for developers of different public chain ecosystems to build distributed encrypted financial applications. At present, force protocol has been developed based on the mainstream public chains such as Ethernet access, EOS, bitcoin RSK network, etc., and will provide financial service development tools for developers in these ecosystems in the near future.

The force protocol is based on the mainstream public chain system and the underlying cross chain protocol. Through the abstraction and encapsulation of the distributed financial business process, in the form of SDK and API, a one-stop solution is used to enable the development of distributed encrypted financial applications. It provides solutions for cross platform asset circulation, deep transaction sharing, stable currency issuance of cross chain encrypted asset mortgage, issuance of general bond, on chain payment, transaction settlement and other financial needs.

Dos and force protocol work together to expand the field of distributed cryptofinance

The force protocol builds a general development platform for distributed encrypted financial services in the distributed financial ecosystem. By framing and systematizing the requirements related to specific scenarios in the distributed finance, it provides communication standards and development framework for financial services in the distributed network, so that the encrypted assets can realize safe and efficient value interconnection within a unified framework.

DOS network is a fully functional (supporting data Oracle and computing Oracle) scalable decentralized Oracle two-tier service network. It enables decentralized applications to obtain external data and perform complex calculations through decentralized offline networks in a safe and effective manner, which will greatly promote the development of applications on the blockchain.

Dos and force protocol work together to expand the field of distributed cryptofinance

Compared with the general Oracle project, DOS network has 6 major technological innovations:

1、Network Decentralization:The design fully conforms to the idea of blockchain, which can avoid the single point of failure and does not need to trust the third party independent organization;

2、Real time verifiable resultsData results can be obtained in real time with zero delay, and the correctness of data can be verified on the chain through cryptography storage;

3、Perfect multi chain compatibility:Lightweight on chain interface, cryptography consensus completed under the chain, can serve all mainstream public chains;

4、Extremely safe:Verifiable random number engine and encryption signature technology ensure the reliability of service network results;

5、High expansibility and low cost:Reliable data acquisition or complex computation can be completed by multiple nodes under the chain, while high performance can reduce the overhead on the chain;

6、Positive incentive mechanism:The honest nodes in the service network who complete data acquisition or computing tasks will be rewarded.

In the current blockchain field, one of the bottlenecks of distributed encryption financial application lies in the low transaction speed and the collection of trusted data outside the chain. Taking the mortgage lending scenario as an example, the borrower and the borrower need to determine the mortgage rate and interest rate level according to the market value of the mortgaged assets, and the value of the collateral also needs to be continuously updated with the trusted price data outside the chain, so as to ensure that the custody contract of the collateral can be closed in time. Before the emergence of a trusted Oracle network, the price data collection of DAPP like financial services was vulnerable to hacker attacks and tampering by data providers, which greatly affected the credibility of distributed encrypted financial services and user experience. However, if there is a credible off chain data collection mechanism, and the corresponding key data is transmitted through a secure data channel, the transaction security can be greatly improved. In this way, it will greatly enhance the adaptability and credibility of the distributed encrypted financial service application scenario, and improve the user experience.

The open source and open development strategy of force protocol drives the establishment of trillions level distributed encryption financial service market. Many distributed encryption financial service applications will greatly enrich the service application scope of DOS network and explore more application possibilities of DOS Oracle service network.

With the powerful technical support of the Oracle network of DOS network, the force protocol can have a decentralized, safe and reliable data channel, which is convenient for data collection outside the chain and greatly improves the transaction security. It will also greatly enhance the adaptability and credibility of its distributed encrypted financial service application scenario, and improve the user experience.It helps the force protocol become a global representative distributed crypto financial service platform and realize the landing of large-scale blockchain business applications. This time, DOS network and force agreement work together to achieve more blockchain financial application scenarios.

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