Don’t worry about finishing the design any more. 25 sets of Java projects help you finish your graduation project!! Suggested collection


Another graduation season, most computer college graduates need to develop a small project to complete their graduation project.

The University didn’t study hard, and the code was not very good at writing (with a certain foundation), so the graduation design program was really a headache. Many people began to obtain the graduation design program code in various ways (they knew it).

In fact, it’s not very difficult for us to spend some time making code of the quality of the so-called graduation project, but subconsciously we tell ourselves we can’t write, so we really don’t write anymore.

Everyone has a headache about college graduation project. What topic should we choose?

This topic has been chosen. I feel that the technical difficulty of choosing that topic is too high to be realized. The topic selection syndrome comes. One word is “difficult”;

Let’s share it with you today. This article contains 25 sets of high-quality projects, which are extremely detailed. There is always one for you! Be sure to collect!!!

First of all, how to complete the design needs to be divided into situations. One situation is that your technology is very good, and how it always depends on your own hobbies. The other is that your technology is general, and you don’t even know how to start.

If your skills are relatively good, you have two options:

  • First, you can choose to do what you are good at
  • Second, you can choose topics you haven’t done or tried, which have their own advantages.

Stamp the following link to watch the explanation online, including topic selection, thesis and project source code…

Detailed introduction of graduation project:

1. Financial management system

The graduation project uses the current popular spring boot, spring, spring MVC, mybatis and Shiro framework, paging processing uses PageHelper for operation, and the front desk uses the template language thymeleaf. The interface is cool and suitable for young friends. The development tool adopts idea.

The system mainly solves some problems in financial management, including functions: authority management, user information management, financial product management and so on.

2. Employment management

The graduation project uses spring boot, spring, spring MVC and mybatis as the back-end technical framework. These combinations are stable and resistant. The front-end uses layui, and the interface is beautiful and generous.

It mainly solves the problem of statistics on the employment of fresh graduates in major colleges and universities. Its functions include: login, employment information management, employment statistics management, user management. Employment information management includes multiple search conditions such as specialty, post and enterprise. For students who intend to look for graduation design or project practice, the system has relatively simple function and can get started quickly.

3. Car rental

The back-end of the car rental system adopts spring, spring MVC and mybatis framework, and the front-end uses layui, which has a beautiful interface. Including functions: customer management, vehicle management, rental, rental order management, car warehousing, checklist management, menu management, user management, role management, log management, statistical analysis, etc.

The functions of the graduation project cover most of the business needs in car rental. It is characterized by more business functions, which helps students deepen their understanding from business to technology.

4. Simple network disk

Many students have their own network disk, which is convenient to store some java learning tutorials. The graduation project realizes a simple network disk, including file upload and file sharing.

The back-end technology adopts spring, spring MVC and JPA, and the front-end adopts thymeleaf template language. The overall business function is not too complex. The highlight is the file sharing function.

5. Epidemic data viewing

The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in 2020, we adopted many measures to avoid the further expansion of the epidemic. The epidemic situation has been well controlled, but it can not be let down lightly. The system is developed for the convenience of checking the epidemic situation data. Access the data interface disclosed by the health bureau to obtain epidemic data and display it in the form of charts.

The system uses spring boot as the back-end framework and uses httpclient to access data interface to obtain data.

6. Online bidding

The online bidding system is developed with spring and spring MVC framework. In terms of database, because the business is not too complex, hibernate framework is used.

The graduation project is mainly to publicize the bidding information. The system functions include: bidding publicity, bidding publicity, bidding release, service provider management, etc. This system is suitable for students who know something about bidding business and helps to improve their understanding of spring and other frameworks.

7. House leasing

For fresh graduates, one link of entering the society is to rent a house. The core business of the graduation project is house leasing. Its main functions include: house source information, lease contract, fault repair, rent management and application functions.

Spring, spring MVC and mybatis framework are used for development. The business is relatively simple and friendly for beginners.

8. Minesweeping

Many students must have played a classic game minesweeping. Here we have written a puzzle game minesweeping using the knowledge of javase. The basic operations of the game include left click and right click.

The game mainly uses the knowledge points in the basic Java, which uses the graphical interface in javase. For students who have learned graphical knowledge, the source code is helpful to summarize and review the basic java knowledge.

9. Educational Administration

The graduation project mainly solves the relationship among teachers, courses and students, and adopts the framework of spring MVC, spring and mybatis. The main functions include: course management, student management, teacher management, account and password reset and so on.

The overall business needs are very simple for students. It is a primary hand training project suitable for school students after learning the SSM framework.

10. Hospital management

The system mainly manages some common information in the hospital, mainly including system management, hospital management, doctor management, department management and so on.

The back-end uses the combination of spring, spring MVC and mybatis framework, and the front-end uses the once popular easyUI. For the students who have finished easyUI, the graduation project is a very suitable project for hand training.

11. Restaurant cashier

The graduation project solves some problems in the restaurant cashier business. It uses technologies: Spring MVC, spring, mybatis and redis. It puts some data into redis, which helps learners deepen their understanding of redis. The development tool uses idea.

Functions include: table management, bill management, menu management, beverage inventory, etc. The business aspect is relatively simple, which is convenient for learners to focus on the technical level.

12. Visiting consultation management

The system uses more basic technologies: servlet and JDBC, which are more suitable for students who have just finished Java EE. Through the study of the graduation project, some knowledge of Java EE can be consolidated. The system uses bootstrap and the interface is beautiful and generous.

The functions include: visitor management, consultation management, questionnaire management and message management, which solves the problems of visitor management in some communities or departments.

13. Part time Forum

The graduation project adopts the framework combination of spring MVC, spring and mybatis, which is suitable for students who have just learned these frameworks and intend to do Internet projects. Part time forums are divided into foreground and background functions. The foreground can publish some information in the forum, and the background can review the information.

The overall functions include: Forum communication, post publishing, personal center, user management, chat management and post management.

14. Desktop chat room

The graduation project adopts C / S architecture and is completed by the knowledge in javase. The system functions include user registration, user login and chat.

For students who have just learned the basics of Java, they can deepen their understanding of what they have learned through the graduation project. The system uses socket to send data. After users register and log in, they can chat with multiple people. The function is similar to QQ group chat.

15. Hotel Management

The graduation project mainly solves some problems in the daily work of the hotel, using the combination of spring MVC, spring and mybatis framework, MySQL in the database and Tomcat as the server. The system is divided into two parts: foreground and background.

The main functions include: user, room type, room view, room reservation, message, multi condition query, paging and other non business functions.

16. Home stay website

The graduation project uses the framework combination of spring MVC, spring and mybatis. This website is equivalent to a platform to effectively associate landlords and backpackers. Landlords can publish listings on the website and upload and display listings pictures, which is conducive to attracting customers. Backpackers can select their favorite listings for reservation.

The main functions include: listing management, user management, order management and registration. For students who like to travel, the design is attractive.

17. Parking space rental

The graduation project adopts the classic framework combination of spring, MVC, spring and mybatis, which is helpful for the property company to manage the parking space information.

The system is divided into two roles: owner and tenant. Its main functions include parking space information, lease contract management, parking space application list, lease withdrawal application, fault handling, in lease list, rent information and so on.

18. Music website

The graduation project adopts the current popular framework spring boot, which simplifies the operation of environment construction. For the students who have just learned the spring boot framework, the current system has a certain reference value. The page is cool and suitable for young friends.

The main functions include List Ranking, online playback, etc. some functions have not been realized. Interested students can take the time to write relevant codes, which is helpful to improve the technical level.

19. Online questionnaire

The graduation project uses the popular Vue framework technology. It is a pure front-end project without using back-end Java programs and databases. If you have just learned Vue related knowledge, you can consolidate Vue through the source code of the project. Now paperless office is popular. The project mainly solves the problems related to questionnaire survey.

The main functions include: questionnaire publishing and data viewing. The data view is displayed in the form of chart, which is convenient for users to view the survey results.

20. Travel website

The graduation design of tourism website uses the framework combination of spring MVC, spring and hibernate, and the front end is displayed with thymleaf template. It is divided into front-end and back-end parts.

The main functions include: tour route, tour strategy, hotel reservation, scenic spot reservation, user management, hotel management, scenic spot management, route management, etc. The number of business requirements and codes is relatively large, which is suitable for students with good foundation.

21. Stray cat and dog rescue website

The graduation design of stray cat and dog rescue website uses the framework combination of spring MVC, spring and mybatis. It is divided into front-end and back-end parts.

The main functions include: Adoption Center, team activities, adoption management, stray cat and dog management, volunteer application, adoption list, etc. The website is mainly for students who love animals. At present, there are some stray cats and dogs on the campuses of many colleges and universities. You can publish the information of stray cats and dogs in need of help through the website, which is convenient for adoption by caring people.

22. Segment publishing platform

The segment publishing platform mainly imitates Chuanbai and realizes a graduation project. In terms of technology, spring MVC, spring and mybatis are used, and Vue is used for page display. As an internet project, it is divided into front-end and back-end parts.

The core functions include: segment sending, segment comments, segment likes, segment management, announcement management, picture management, etc. Some functions are similar to those of yubai. The highlight is that the front desk uses Vue. For students who intend to use Vue in actual combat, this design has a certain reference value.


Computer has become an indispensable part of work. Each company basically has an OA system to realize paperless office. The background of the graduation project adopts spring MVC, spring and mybatis framework technology, and the foreground uses Vue.

System functions include: information release, leave approval, log management, meeting management, etc. The business function is relatively simple. It is suitable for students who have just learned SSM + Vue and are ready to practice.

24. Imitation microblog

The graduation project imitates the function of microblog and uses technologies: spring, MVC, spring, mybatis and websocket. The page is relatively fresh.

System functions include: sharing new things, likes, collections, replies, etc. Because websocket is used, when others like or reply, the server will actively push the message to the client, which enhances the user experience. The reference learning of the system is helpful to deepen the understanding of websocket.

25. Online room selection

The graduation project of online house selection uses servlet and JDBC in Java EE foundation, which is more suitable for students who have just learned this knowledge and intend to practice. Servlet and JDBC play a connecting role in the whole java system. After learning well, they are very helpful for the follow-up framework learning.

The system functions include: sales information, intention registration and lottery results. Through the online house selection website, buyers can purchase directly online, simplifying the purchase process.