Don’t “knock on” crud any more. Although this is the foundation, there is still a lot you can do


First of all, for Java programmers at that time, if they want to go further in the field of software development, they should do three things well,

One is to set a main attack direction for yourself,

The second is to work out a learning plan based on one’s own common sense and talent characteristics,

The third is to attach importance to the trend of career development and actively embrace new skills.

Java language is a typical full scene programming language. Although the rising trend of python, go and other programming languages was obvious at that time, Java language was still one of the most important programming languages in the production scenario. With its powerful language ecology, using java language for project development can greatly reduce the development risk. From this point of view, for a long time to come,Java language still has a broad application prospect.
When setting java learning direction, we must pay attention to the skill development trend at that time, such as at that timeCloud computing, big data, Internet of things and artificial intelligence have more development opportunitiesAnd with the promotion of the new infrastructure plan, these new areas will gradually integrate more vocational resources, which will not only require a lot of skilled talents, but also have higher post added value of relevant posts.
AboutJava programmerAt that time, we could focus on the direction of big data. There are three advantages in selecting the direction of big data,

First, there is a large space for selecting jobs in the category of big data,

Secondly, the big data skill system is mature, and there are many examples for reference,

Third, Java programmers can gradually complete the transition to big data jobs based on their job mission.

In addition, selecting the direction of big data can further develop into artificial intelligence in the future.

After setting the major learning direction, the next step is to work out the learning plan according to your own common sense, talent characteristics and environment. Take the big data category as an example. For programmers who have a solid foundation in mathematics and have a certain research ability together, they can consider taking the development route of big data approach. In the future, they can engage in R & D posts. If their common sense foundation is relatively weak, they are limited to the post environment, and there is no better communication channel, then we can consider the big data approach Complete professional use development. As the big data approach gradually begins to be used, the professional use and development mission based on the big data approach will gradually increase, and the demand for talents of this type of development post will be relatively large.
In the process of learning new skills,We must pay attention to the construction of development environmentIt is better to choose the learning direction and specific content based on their own post mission. In order to learn the contents of big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, it is often necessary to have the corresponding scene support. For example, the learning and practice of big data knowledge often requires the support of data center.
In the process of learning, in addition to the established learning program, we also need to keep up with the development trend of skills at that time, especially pay attention to the new opportunities brought by new skills. It (Internet) occupation is more sensitive about new skills, new skills can often bring new solutions, and the positions involved in new skills often have higher post added value.
Finally, in the process of learning new skills,On the one hand, there should be a self-learning programOn the other hand, we also need to build a better communication channel for ourselves. If we can have the guidance of professionals, we can often take less detours and grasp the main points of learning more easily.

And the way of communication is better than that of some famous public numbers. What’s more, it is to find a master official account. There is nothing special to help you, but for this self-regulated learning program, I think there is something that can perfectly provide you with some suggestions — Si Wei map.

Let’s start with a general plan

These are some mind maps I summarized in my daily work, which are summarized separately according to different technologies,Like + pay attention to editor, which will be updated in the later period


Look at it separately

Because of the space, take message queue as an example to show part of it


If you need this knowledge map, you can get it free of charge after you like and pay attention to it

But here, I would like to say that it’s the easiest thing for newcomers to sort out. The more they will work, the longer the working hours, the more complex they will be. This is also a pain point for our current technicians. I sorted out these pictures, which took nearly a month to sort them out to the present level. With the collation, I found that one of the most difficult problems is to sort out these pictures We must check the data of every technology when we reorganize it,The more you organize, the more you find yourself unable toIt’s really that sentence,The more you will, the more you will find that you will not

So, come on, choose a direction, know what you want, then you can know what you want to do, and then you can continue to work hard. Finally, I’ll share with you some information that I think is good when I’m sorting out these maps, which is a total of 1G +

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