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According to the regulations of the Ministry of industry and information technology, all services running in China (with IP address of domestic public network, which can be accessed through the public network) must be recorded by ICP.

This paper briefly introduces the basic process and precautions of filing. The “Filing” mentioned in the article refers to the ICP filing of the non operating website of the Ministry of industry and information technology, which is also the most common type of filing encountered by ordinary developers.

New filing

In the simplest case, you set up a website that can be accessed on the public network, allowing users to access your website through your registered domain name. The basic process of filing this website is as follows:

  • Registered domain name
  • Contact cloud service provider for new record
  • Go online after approval
Matters needing attention
  • According to the regulations of the Ministry of industry and information technology, domain names must be purchased and registered from domestic domain name registration service providers, such as Xinwang and wanwang. Now many cloud service providers also provide domain name registration services. If the website is hosted by these cloud service providers, the domain name can also be registered directly through the cloud service provider. If the domain name was previously registered from an overseas service provider, it needs to be transferred to the domestic domain name registration service provider.
  • You need to complete the filing before you go online. In other words, during the filing period, the corresponding website must be closed. Otherwise, if the domain name is found to be resolved to the corresponding website during the audit by the authority, it will not pass the filing audit, and the cloud service provider will also block the IP address.
  • Some special types of websites (such as forums, blogs, news, publishing, medicine, music, animation, radio and television, games, financial websites) need pre-approval before filing.

For a website filed in the name of an individual, it is recommended to use the name of the website that can reflect the nature of the individual, and should not involve enterprise information, industry information, operational information and social public management information, so as to avoid failing the audit due to suspected misleading.

  • The Ministry of industry and information technology has released the domain name suffixes supporting the filing.
Audit process

Each cloud service provider has its own filing process, but most of the steps are similar:

  • Submit the data required for filing to the cloud service provider. Usually, the service provider will provide a form for filling in and uploading the data.
  • The service chamber will conduct a preliminary review of the data. If there is any problem with the data, you need to make corresponding adjustment.
  • After the preliminary review of the service provider’s information, the curtain will be sent to you. You need to take the screen photo of the person in charge of the website, and submit the screen photo and verification sheet to the cloud service provider for review. Some service providers can complete verification (electronic verification) on mobile applications without taking a screen.
  • After the review, the service provider will submit the information to the authority (Communication Authority, the competent department of communication industry in the provincial administrative region) for final review. In some regions, when receiving information, the administration will verify the mobile phone number of the person in charge of the website through SMS. After receiving the SMS, it needs to verify according to the SMS prompt within 24 hours. If the verification fails to be completed within 24 hours, you need to contact the cloud service provider to submit the verification again.
  • After receiving the filing application information, the authority will generally complete the review within 20 working days.

The data and specific requirements for filing are different for the administrations in different regions. The common data are (electronic version):

  • ID card (personal record)
  • Business license, ID card of legal representative, ID card of the person in charge of the website. If the person in charge of the website and the legal representative are not the same person, the power of attorney shall be provided (for the record of the enterprise)
Common requirements
  • The domain name is valid for more than 3 months.
  • The domain name holder shall be consistent with the filing subject, that is, the individual filing shall be himself, and the enterprise filing shall be the corresponding enterprise (including the shareholders of the company), the person in charge of the enterprise and the senior management. If privacy protection is enabled for the domain name, privacy protection shall be closed during the filing period.
  • The residence of the individual’s registered certificate shall be in the provincial administrative region where the authority is located. Otherwise, the information such as “temporary residence permit” and “residence permit” shall be submitted.
  • The mobile phone number of the person in charge shall be in the provincial administrative region where the authority is located.

The above is only for a rough understanding of the information and requirements required for filing. For details, please refer to the regulations of each authority or the information provided by cloud service providers.

After the audit, the authority will inform the person in charge of the filing body of the audit results through SMS and email. If the audit is passed, the SMS and email will also contain information such as filing number and password.

The filing number and password are very important. They will be used when adding websites, accessing the filing, and canceling the filing subject. They need to be properly recorded.

If the filing number is forgotten, it can be inquired through the website of the filing system of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The filing password can also be retrieved through this website.

New website

Enterprises and individuals that have successfully registered need to add new websites when they have newly set up websites in addition to the existing ones. The process of new website is basically the same as that of new filing:

  • Register a new domain name for a new web site
  • Contact cloud service provider for new website
  • Go online after approval
Matters needing attention

The hosting service provider of the new website can be the hosting service provider of the previously filed website, or another different cloud service provider. In both cases, new websites are required.
As the process of new filing and new website is basically the same, domain names are not available until the filing is completed. Some service providers do not distinguish between new filing and new website, and they are collectively referred to as new filing.

Authorities in some regions allow multiple websites to be added when new records are added. If there are plans to set up more than one website in advance, it can be handled together with the new filing.

Access record

The architecture of modern websites often contains multiple services, which may be deployed on different cloud service providers. In this case, access to multiple cloud service providers needs to be recorded.

Access filing is only to add a new service provider in the filing information, which will not affect the previous service provider and can be used at the same time. Different from the new filing and new website, the access filing can be conducted after the service is online, without requiring the station to be closed or the resolution to be stopped, and without affecting the current website access.

Generally speaking, all cloud service providers used by the website need to be put on record or access to be put on record (the first cloud service provider uses a new record or a new website, and other cloud service providers access to be put on record). However, CDN and email services generally do not need access for filing. In addition, it is possible that the underlying IAAs service providers used by multiple cloud service providers are the same, which is considered as a cloud service provider.

The access filing shall be handled by contacting the cloud service provider. The review process and precautions are similar to the new filing. The information such as the filing subject submitted by the access filing shall be consistent with the original filing information.

In practice, websites and services are generally differentiated according to domain names. Different top-level domain names are regarded as different websites, and the same top-level domain name (including different sub domain names) can be regarded as different services of the same website.

Change record

If you need to change the filing information, you can contact the original cloud service provider for filing.

Matters needing attention
  • The domain name cannot be modified or added. Modification of domain name or new domain name is a new website, not a change of filing information.
  • Generally speaking, the individual record can be transferred to the enterprise record, and the enterprise record cannot be transferred to the individual record.
  • The provincial administrative region cannot be changed (including the transfer of personal record to enterprise record, and the place of residence of the individual and the place of registration of the enterprise are not in the same provincial administrative region). This kind of situation can only be cancelled in the original administration, and then added in the new administration. During this period, it is necessary to shut down the station and stop parsing.


This article is only for developers to understand some basic knowledge about filing. As the specific regulations and implementation of the local administrations are different, the implementation rules of the Ministry of industry and information technology often change. When handling the filing matters, please contact the cloud service provider you use for specific details, and handle the filing under its guidance. Generally speaking, the relevant personnel of the cloud service provider handle the specific filing affairs on a daily basis, and are most confident about the specific details of the filing.

Statement: for developer’s reference only, subject to relevant regulations of MIIT.

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