Domain learning Note 6: centralized authentication


1、 Add group

1.1 on domain server DC1, open server manager, click Tools, and select active directory users and computers.

1.2. Right click the sales department, select “new”, and then click “group”.

1.3. Enter the group name such as “marketgroup” and click “OK”.

1.4. Select the user to add to the group, right-click and select Add to group.

1.5. Enter “marketgroup” in the input box, click “check”, and finally click “OK”.

1.6. The following prompt appears to prove the successful joining.

2、 Shared folder centralized authorization

Background note: there are file servers DC2 in the domain, which has a “share” shared folder. Now it is authorized by “market group”.

2.1. Log in DC2 with domain administrator, find the share folder, right-click, select share, and then click specific user.

2.2. Click the drop-down box and select “find person”.

2.3. You can see that the default search location is domain. Enter “marketgroup” in the input box and click “check name”.

2.4 input the domain administrator account and password in the pop-up box, and click “OK”.

2.5. Then click “OK”.

2.6. In the lower right box of “marketgroup”, grant it “read / write” permission, and then click “share”.

2.7. Finally, click “finish”.

3、 Authority verification

3.1. On the sales01 computer, use the account number of Zhang San of the sales department to log in.

3.2. Use Win + R to call up the running window, input “\ \ DC2”, and click “OK”.

3.3. It can be seen that Zhang San, a user under the marketgroup, can normally access the shared files under the file server, achieving the purpose of centralized authentication of the marketgroup group group.