Domain learning note 5: adding computers to domains


1、 Create domain user

1.1. Open server manager, select tools, and click active directory users and computers.

1.2. If you want to join a domain, you must first have a reference, who is the domain user. Before creating domain users, an organizational unit (such as a department) should be created to facilitate differentiation and management. Right click the domain name, select new, and then click organizational unit.

1.3. Enter the organization name, such as sales department, and click “OK”.

1.4. Right click the sales department, select new, and then click user.

1.5. Enter the last name, first name and user login name, and click “next”.

1.6. Input the password and check “password will never expire”.

1.7. Click “finish”.

2、 Join computer to domain

2.1. Basic conditions for joining domain:

1) The client must log in with a computer administrator to join or exit the domain.

2) The DNS server address must be set to the DNS that the domain controller points to.

2.2. Use the local computer administrator to log in to the client host, such as sales01, and set DNS to the DNS that the domain controller points to on the IP address setting page.

2.3 by default, the computers newly added to the domain will be placed under the “computers” list. If you want to put the computers under the organizational units such as “sales department”, you can first create a new computer.

1) Right click on the sales department, select new, and click computer.

2) Enter the computer name, click “change”, select the new user “Zhang San”, and click “OK”. In this way, when the sales01 computer joins the domain, it will be automatically associated with the user “Zhang San”.

2.4. Facing “this computer”, click “change settings”.

2.5. Click “change”.

2.6. Select the domain and enter the domain name“ Click OK.

2.7. Input the account number and password and click “OK”.

2.8. After receiving the welcome prompt, click “OK” and restart the computer.

2.9. Log in to the computer using “linkto / sales01”. In this computer property, you can see that the full name of the computer has changed to “sales01 “。

2.10. Go back to the domain server and check the “computers” list. The computer “sales01” does not appear below because it is stored under the “sales department”.

3、 Exit computer from domain

3.1. Add the computer to the working group.

4、 Prevent users from logging on to the computer

4.1. Right click the computer to be banned, select all tasks, and click disable account.