Docsify cli v4.4.2 version is released, adding rewriting file query during initialization


Docsify cli is a tool for local initialization and preview of docsify website. It is recommended to use docsify for global installation

npm i docsify-cli -g

If you want to work in the./docsWrite documents in the directory, directly through theinitCommand initialization project

docsify init ./docs

By runningdocsify serveStart a local server, you can easily preview the effect in real time

docsify serve ./docs

For more command line tool usage, refer to docsify cli documentation

This release updates the vulnerability in the dependency of the old version, and also adds some functions and fixes a bug

newly added

  • When adding an initialization item, ask if you want to cover the existing file (# 117) (f811906)
  • Add docsify version number (# 107) (d92d030) to modify dependency


  • Fix invalid alias of init and serve (# 125) (f3af553)

After upgrading, it can be used normallydocsify i ./docsanddocsify s ./docsInitialize project and preview project respectively

Project address

GitHub: docsify
Gitee: docsify

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