Docsify build your personal blog


Because after watching the video of codedeep,…So I summarized the installation steps and some points of stepping on the pit

  1. Prerequisite software installation
  2. Execute instruction
    NPM install – G docsify cli install docsify
    Create a repository folder and CD it to this directory. Docsify init
  3. Download resources, official account codesheep, reply: knowledge base
    Replace Readme
    Docsify serve start web server
    In the HTML file, open the cover page and navigation
    Docsify build your personal blog
  4. Build a cloud server and grab Alibaba cloud’s second kill ESC
  5. Check the deployment documentation and install nginx
  6. Install xftp locally, upload the directory repository, and connect the server remotely with xshell
  7. Upload the directory to the server
  8. Open port 80 of the ESC alicloud server so that the external network can access it
  9. You’d better apply for a domain name. I’m currently applying