Docker series learning notes


Docker series learning notes

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Docker series learning notes


In the past week, learning docker has also been a preliminary understanding of docker. The relevant learning notes are shared with you through the official account. I hope to help everyone who wants to learn docker.

primary coverage

  • [x] Docker learning environment (I) prepare to install centos7
  • [x] Docker learning (2) installing docker in centos7 environment
  • [x] Docker learning (3) understanding docker and common commands
  • [x] Docker learning (IV) docker building Tomcat
  • [x] Docker learning (5) basic command of dockerfile
  • [x] Docker learning (6) dockerfile building custom image
  • [x] Docker learning (7) practice – building redis image
  • [x] Docker learning (VIII) one way communication between containers
  • [x] Docker learning (IX) data sharing between volumn containers
  • [x] Docker learning (10) docker container choreography
  • [x] Docker learning (XI) end of docker series – new start k8s
  • [x] Summary of some problems encountered in docker learning (12)
  • [x] Summary of some problems encountered in docker learning (12)

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