Docker journey for front-end developers


Docker journey for front-end developers

“Docker development package” has reached the third season.

Javascript: the most misunderstood language in the world“This sentence comes from the blog post” javascript:
The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language」。 The prefix of JavaScript is easy to associate with Java and think of it as a subset of Java or a simplified version of Java. It seems that the name was chosen for it with ulterior motives, deliberately confusing concepts and deliberately creating “misunderstanding”.

In fact, the front end is a very old topic. Its story is almost accompanied by all stages of the development of web technology. It has also experienced ups and downs and nirvana rebirth for 30 years. It is no exaggeration to say that the evolution history and success of the front end are the exploration journey for engineers to break through the shackles and move towards the ID.

When did the front end appear?

At the moment of the emergence of web technology, the front end has been accompanied by the development and evolution of web technology. It can be said that it is the ancestor of web technology.

What language does the front end consist of?

Front end development technology, from the narrow definition, refers to the development technology around such a system as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Its running host is the browser.

When is the most representative technological innovation at the front end?

History rolled forward. In 2004, Gmail came to the world like a wind. Soon, AJAX was officially proposed in 2005. In addition, CDN began to be used for static resource storage, so there was the era of SPA (single page application) with the return of the king of JavaScript.

Next JavaScript version?

ECMAScript 2015 (also known as ECMAScript harmony, or es2015 for short)

Who is leading the front-end direction?


What is angular?

The best front-end development framework (only on behalf of daocloud)

How to do the front-end package dependency?


The next stage of front-end technology development

Full stack era brought by node

Common front-end technology stacks and application scenarios?

In 2015, all www domain pages (including home page, channel, venue, etc.) visited by a treasure on double 11 are supported by a full stack node application(source)。

Front end operation and maintenance deployment

Automated construction, and even use the nginx layer to solve some hard injuries on the front end. The release / rollback speed (including compilation) only needs 100s to be released to all production environment machines for rapid response and iteration.

Front end troubles

However, the delivery of front-end code is not as simple as copy and paste. The front-end construction before code release, the docking with different APIs from the test and production environment, JS code confusion, the management of different release branches, etc. these manual labor are the fuse to provoke a war between the front-end and the operation and maintenance team every time they are released. The front-end technology has become more and more complex. The front-end engineers do not want to spend their limited life on the delivery process of distributing complex applications!

How did it break? Can you teach me?


Welcome to the third season of “docker development gift package” launched by daocloud, “docker development gift package for front-end applications”. Seven well-designed series of articles will lead front-end developers to experience the new experience of docker application development and release.

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