Docker installation rocketmq


be careful:If you don’t have a docker environment, you can refer to your CentOS to install docker
1. Query the available rocketmq
docker search rocketmq
2. Pull the image
docker pull rocketmqinc/rocketmq
3. Start the namesrv service (create a new file path, my name is / www / MQ)

docker run -d -p 9876:9876 -v /www/mq/data/namesrv/logs:/root/logs -v /www/mq/data/namesrv/store:/root/store --name rmqnamesrv -e "JAVA_OPTS=-Duser.home=/opt" -e "JAVA_OPT_EXT=-server -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m" rocketmqinc/rocketmq sh mqnamesrv 

4. Configuration

brokerClusterName = DefaultCluster
brokerName = broker-a
brokerId = 0
deleteWhen = 04
fileReservedTime = 48
brokerRole = ASYNC_MASTER
flushDiskType = ASYNC_FLUSH
#Change to network IP
namesrvAddr =
#Change to network IP
brokerIP1 =
#Whether to allow the broker to automatically create topics. It is recommended to open offline and close online 
#Whether to allow the broker to automatically create subscription groups. It is recommended to open offline and close online 

5. Start service

docker run -d  -p 10911:10911 -p 10909:10909   -v /www/mq/data/broker/logs:/root/logs -v /www/mq/rocketmq/data/broker/store:/root/store  -v /www/mq/conf/broker.conf:/opt/rocketmq/conf/broker.conf  --name rmqbroker --link rmqnamesrv:namesrv -e "NAMESRV_ADDR=namesrv:9876" -e "JAVA_OPTS=-Duser.home=/opt" -e "JAVA_OPT_EXT=-server -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m"  rocketmqinc/rocketmq sh mqbroker -c /opt/rocketmq/conf/broker.conf

6. Install the console

docker run -e "JAVA_OPTS=-Drocketmq.config.namesrvAddr= -Drocketmq.config.isVIPChannel=false" -p 9993:8080 -t styletang/rocketmq-console-ng

7. Enter the docker container command line
docker exec -it f2f52602d48a /bin/bash

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