Do you know the disadvantages of smart home when you refuse to be a “wrong kind”?

Time:2022-6-6 The definition of smart home is to use generic cabling technology, network communication technology Smart home – the system design scheme integrates the facilities related to home life with security technology, automatic control technology and audio and video technology. Everything has two sides, today XiaobianJust check it for everyone Disadvantages of smart home.

Wireless connection

New generation of Internet of things technology Smart homeGenerally, it is realized by using wireless sensor technology, but some smart home decoration enterprises want to hide the truth and use the concept trend of wireless to launch pseudo wireless with only one-way control signal Smart home, to “pit” consumers. Consumers must recognize the real wireless technology when choosing. At present, the most mature and stable wireless sensor technology based on ZigBee.
Do you know the disadvantages of smart home when you refuse to be a

“Flashy but not practical”

“If you can’t use it, you might as well not install it!” This is a lot The voice of smart home users reflects the criticized operational complexity. Currently, most The design of smart home system is not humanized enough, resulting in great operational difficulties. Originally, I wanted to enjoy a more convenient and intelligent life, but complex operations make it difficult to use, seriously affecting the user experience. In addition, users like to buy products of different brands. Different brands cannot interact and control each other. The ecology is not unified, and the brands are different. Or users are “forced” to buy products of the same brand that they do not like.

Network security risks

along with With the rise of smart home mobile services, more and more smart door locks, cameras and even sensors When smart home devices are connected to the Internet, they provide a new channel for criminals to destroy or infringe privacy. When they invade When the control server of smart home, Smart home may become “open home”.
Do you know the disadvantages of smart home when you refuse to be a

The standards are not unified, and the upgrade and maintenance are troublesome The smart home market and production standards are not unified, and there is a lack of a unified regulatory mechanism. Therefore, the current market Smart home products are just like fish in the eye. Without a unified market standard, they will be shoddy. There is no unified production standard, which leads to There is a problem with the upgrade and maintenance of the smart home, so the normal maintenance and warranty cannot be realized Smart home devices.

Moreover, the confusion between products is very terrible. Some products may be transformed from traditional products into “intelligent” products. The internal wiring of the products is unstable, which is prone to problems such as leakage, cross current, product explosion, etc. In addition, some small brands may use relatively old confidentiality agreements. Not only the hardware is easy to be broken, but also the ecological software and servers are facing the risk of being broken; In addition, the cloud privacy is not well done, and the pictures taken by the camera may be easily intercepted or even broadcast live. Therefore, when choosing their own smart devices, we must choose brands with guaranteed quality. To put it mildly, in case of an “accident”, it is easier to protect our rights than other brands. Above, I hope it will be helpful to you help