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Recently, I have written a lot of content and found that there is a lot of theoretical knowledge for students who have just started.
Say what object, what array, what string to what multi process, thread, Ctrip, FPM… But as a newcomer, what he often lacks is practical experience.
Practical experience is often what developers need most to get started. A simple function realization is to recognize yourself and support your confidence in going forward in this industry. Although these theories are the basis of high-rise buildings, they will understand the importance only when they are developed to a certain extent. Maybe one year later, maybe two years later, For example, when we were young, our parents and teachers always instilled in us the idea of reading well, reading more, reading good books and studying hard. However, most of our students have never taken these ideas seriously. Only when we grow up or start working in society will we have this exclamation – how good it was to study hard at the beginning! I believe that everyone’s classmates will have this idea!
Therefore, I would like to ask you:

>”Free source project download address or website

Of course, valuable projects naturally have their own value. Welcome to recommend!

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