Do well in fibos ecological portal – fo wallet v2.0.0 new version goes online


Last week, the latest version of fibos’s fo wallet went online. Let’s see what changes have taken place.

1、 Visual optimization and home page shortcut deletion and addition

At the beginning, when fo wallet went online, some design details were not polished well because it had to be synchronized with fibos. In this new version, the designer made overall adjustment on the UI. On the other hand, there is a big change in the front page and asset page of fo wallet. Asset information is hidden in the front page, and four quick operations, such as scan, collection, payment and exchange, are added. Meanwhile, relevant functions of DAPP are mentioned in the front page. Add a conversion ratio between fo and CNY on the asset page. If you want to know how much your fo is, you don’t need to convert it through EOS.

2、 Fo wallet begins to transform into application Wallet

With the development of wallets and the enrichment of various functions, more and more dapps have been settled in. Fo wallets are gradually transforming into application wallets. In the future, the fo wallet can not only be used to exchange fo or carry out the transfer transaction of fo, but also can realize more applications through fo. You can use fo to play some DAPP, or use fo to make red packets and so on.

In the future, designers will embed IM chat function into fo, and more dapps will enter. We hope that fo wallet has more application scenarios in life, improve everyone’s use efficiency, and make fo wallet really mature.

3、 After the red packet is sent out, you need to “fly for a while”

After the asset is issued, it needs to be confirmed by the block. This process is irreversible and necessary, so it will take a little time after it is issued. If the confirmation time is cut off, there may be the risk of asset bifurcation. That is to say, you may have got the money, but it doesn’t belong to you. So in order to ensure that “yours is yours”, this red bag really needs to fly for a while, but we are also working hard to shorten this time as much as possible in the future.

Finally, if you find the red envelope bug or have good suggestions, welcome to us! Hope fo wallet can do better with your support!

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