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We have been involuntarily in the era of big data. We are not only the creator of big data, but also the experiencer and beneficiary of big data. With the continuous development of mobile Internet, Internet plus, Internet of things, the relationship between big data and us is getting closer and closer. The results are inspiring and far-reaching.

The demand for big data talents in various recruitment networks is changing with each passing day, the number of big data talents is increasing, the range of industries involved is expanding, and the salary offered is also very attractive.

There are a wide range of technical requirements related to big data, including operating system, development language, database, network, and even a certain foundation in English. Although big data related technologies are open source, such as Hadoop, sqoop, HBase, redis, mongodb, graphdb, hive, spark, storm, openstack, etc., even employees who have worked for many years and have some experience, There are also many challenges in building your own big data environment, many of which give up halfway due to problems, let alone college students.

Recently, many small partners asked me for some information related to big data system, so I rummaged through the boxes and found this very classic e-book – do it yourself big data system.

Information introduction

Big data technology is very practical. Just reading some books or videos without actual operation makes it difficult to have a deep understanding, let alone mastery. Lack of practical operation, when encountering problems in the specific implementation of the project, they are often at a loss, do not know how to analyze, locate and deal with the problems, and lament that there is little time to use the book. Aiming at such problems, “do it yourself big data system” provides some ideas or help to students or on-the-job personnel who are or will learn big data through the detailed introduction of a practical project in this book.

Do it yourself big data system.pdf

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Do it yourself big data system.pdf