Django + react full stack development: Preface



I started to write a blog application with Django framework last year, and I want to learn it this yearReact, just want to experience the front-end and back-end separated development. But I didn’t find a high-quality (free) tutorial on the Internet, so I didn’t want to update it. The last time GitHub submitted it was two months ago (not because of laziness)

I always feel that it is the best way to find a demand for myself and learn a certain technology through practice. This time I want to try to expand the blog I wrote before and learn some new technologies in the process.

Writing purpose

As mentioned earlier, I didn’t find a suitable tutorial on the Internet, so I had to learn it step by step. It’s not so much a series of tutorials as my personal study notes. Open it to the Internet, the main purpose is to give a reference to friends with the same needs, but also hope to be seen by some senior experts, and give advice.

Basic Requirements

If you want to study with me, you need at least the following two conditions:

  • At least have a good command of Python syntax
  • There is a computer available

Question exchange

If you encounter problems, you can leave messages in official account or blog comment area, or add QQ group.435414286

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Django + react full stack development: Preface