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Additional functions of “local characteristics”

Due to historical factors, Django brought his owndjango.contrib.localflavor–A variety of code snippets that can be used in a particular country, region, or culture. To facilitate maintenance and reduce the size of the Django code base, the code is now released separately from Django.

See the official document for details:

The code is hosted on GitHub,

How to migrate

If you use the old version ofdjango.contrib.localflavorBags, ordjango-localflavor-*Follow these two simple steps to update your code

  • Installing third party’s in pypidjango-localflavorBag.

  • Modify the import statement you apply to reference the new package.

    For example:
    from import FRPhoneNumberField
... to read:
from import FRPhoneNumberField

The code in the new package is the same as before (it’s copied directly from Django), so you don’t have to worry about backward compatibility. Just modify the import statement.

Abandonment policy

In Django 1.5, importdjango.contrib.localflavorWill produceDeprecationWarningAbnormal. In other words, your code can continue to work, but you should modify it as soon as possible.

In Django 1.6, importdjango.contrib.localflavorIt will not continue to work.

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