Distributed dble pure read / write separation function – implicit submission support summary


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Aikesheng is a member of the R & D team and is responsible for the testing of MySQL middleware. I am a test technology enthusiast. Welcome to try out the new dble features~

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1、 Dble introduction

Dble yesShanghai aikesheng Information Technology Co., LtdThe highly scalable distributed middleware based on MySQL has the following advantages:

  • Data horizontal split

    As the business grows, you can use dble to replace the original single MySQL instance.

  • MySQL compatible

    It is compatible with MySQL protocol. In most cases, you can use it to replace Mysql to provide new storage for your application without changing any code.

  • High availability

    The dble server can be used as a cluster, and the business will not be affected by a single node failure.

  • SQL support

    Support SQL 92 standard and MySQL dialect. We support complex SQL queries, such as group by, order by, distinct, join, union, sub query, and so on.

  • Complex query optimization

    Optimize complex queries, including but not limited to global table connection fragment table, er relation table, sub query, simplified selection, etc.

  • Distributed transaction support

    Use a two-phase commit distributed transaction. You can choose normal mode for performance or XA mode for data security. Of course, the XA mode depends on the XA transaction of mysql-5.7, the high availability of MySQL nodes and the reliability of data.

Project address:https://github.com/actiontech…

2、 Dble introduced pure read / write separation in version

In version, dble has introduced thePure read / write separation function, seeRelease NotesAnd further improved in the just released version

3、 Implicit commit support in dble read / write separation

No. SQL triggering implicit commit Yes no
1 ALTER EVENT test support
2 ALTER FUNCTION test support
3 ALTER PROCEDURE test support
4 ALTER SERVER test support
5 ALTER TABLE test support
6 ALTER VIEW test support
7 CREATE DATABASE test support
8 CREATE EVENT test support
9 CREATE FUNCTION test support
10 CREATE INDEX test support
11 CREATE PROCEDURE test support
12 CREATE ROLE test Support (mysql8.0)
13 CREATE SERVER test support
15 CREATE TABLE test support
16 CREATE TRIGGER test support
17 CREATE VIEW test support
18 DROP DATABASE test support
19 DROP EVENT test support
20 DROP FUNCTION test support
21 DROP INDEX test support
22 DROP PROCEDURE test support
23 DROP ROLE test Support (mysql8.0)
24 DROP SERVER test support
26 DROP TABLE test support
27 DROP TRIGGER test support
28 DROP VIEW test support
29 INSTALL PLUGIN test support
30 RENAME TABLE test support
31 TRUNCATE TABLE test support
33 ALTER USER test support
34 CREATE USER test support
35 DROP USER test support
36 GRANT test support
37 RENAME USER test support
38 REVOKE test support
39 SET PASSWORD Not supported (Druid Limited)
40 BEGIN support
41 LOCK TABLES test support
42 START TRANSACTION test support
43 LOAD DATA test I won’t support it
44 SET autocommit = 1 support
45 ANALYZE TABLE test I won’t support it
46 CACHE INDEX test I won’t support it
47 CHECK TABLE test I won’t support it
48 FLUSH I won’t support it
49 LOAD INDEX INTO CACHE I won’t support it
50 OPTIMIZE TABLE test I won’t support it
51 REPAIR TABLE test I won’t support it
52 RESET test I won’t support it
53 START SLAVE test I won’t support it
54 STOP SLAVE I won’t support it
55 RESET SLAVE I won’t support it
56 CHANGE MASTER TO I won’t support it

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