Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library


Hello everyone, I’m a heartbroken editor for the majority of programmers. I recommend a small tool / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a little skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency, and achieve the goal of not working overtime, not staying up late and not losing your hair!

   today Xiaobian recommends a. Net forms application (WinForms) interface componentNanUI. Nanui is an open source. Net /. Net core forms application (WinForms) interface component. It is suitable for. Net /. Net core developers who want to use front-end technologies such as HTML5 / CSS3 to build the user interface of Windows Forms applications.

WINForum, the rendering engine of nanui, is based on chrome embedded framework, which is a Google embeddable browser framework. Therefore, users can use various front-end technologies HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript and framework react / Vue / angular / blazor to design and develop the user interface of. Net desktop applications.

At the same time, the unique JavaScript bridge of winformat can realize the communication and data exchange between browser and. Net conveniently and concisely.

Function introduction

  • Browser hosted formThe nanui interface component provides two different styles of forms: native form and borderless form, which users can choose flexibly to achieve different design effects.
  • Resource processor: a variety of resource handlers are built into the nanui interface component. Users can select the corresponding resource processor for different scenarios to provide files, data and other resources for the front-end program. In addition, user-defined resource processors can be developed according to specific requirements.
  • JavaScript to. Net plug-in support: the nanui interface framework allows users to write JavaScript to. Net mapping objects and inject them into the JavaScript context of the front-end page through the plug-in manager, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the front-end functions.
  • Browser controls: users can use the chromium WebBrowser control provided by the nanui interface component just like the WebBrowser control of. Net. Drag it from the toolbox to the window and you’re done.
  • Custom CEF behavior processor: nanui opens the browser client behavior processor interfaces of chromium embedded framework. By customizing the response events of each interface, various browser functions will be realized for the application.
  • Multi process architecture: nanui inherits the chromium multi process architecture. This means that each web page is rendered in a separate chromium rendering process. In fact, all functions run in separate processes. This means that chromium will not use the memory of the. Net application.
  • Web rendering standard: the nanui interface component supports all modern browser rendering standards including HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript (ES6). In general, nanui supports the same web standards as its version of Google Chrome.
  • JavaScript execution ability: users can execute JavaScript code on the loaded web page and return the execution result to the. Net environment. You can also register new JavaScript functions or objects and associate them with. Net methods. Each time JavaScript calls this function, the corresponding. Net method is applied.
  • Subprocess: nanui provides browser subprocess programs adapted to different. Net frameworks. Using subprocess program can separate business process from browser process.

Form type

Original style

The native form style of the system is consistent with the traditional WinForm application interface. It has the title bar, border and system command area of the system style, which is similar to the same appearance when dragging the WebBrowser control on the traditional form control and setting the dock property to fill.

Borderless form

   is theWindowTypeSpecifies the property valueBorderlessYou can set the form style to borderless. Borderless style removes the title bar and border of the native system, and you can use the whole form area to draw your application interface.

Kiosk mode

Kiosk style forms are commonly used in scenes where full screen display of form content is required, such as industrial control upper computer interface, query machine interface, data large screen, etc.

Special shaped window

Using the layered style allows you to create alien, translucent forms. It is similar to the acceleration ball provided by various masters and housekeepers.

Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library

Acrylic special effects window

Acrylic special effect is a new function provided by the innovators of windows 10 after the new version. It allows the transparent or translucent area of the window to mix with the desktop elements to achieve a special frosted acrylic effect. The same as the layered style, according to the settings of transparent or translucent areas in the web page, the frosted glass effect with specific effect will be realized.

Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library

Window effects

Shadow effect


Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library


Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library


Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library


Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library

Border effect

no border

Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library

Normal border

Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library

Rounded border

Dislike. Net UI too ugly, try this library


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