Disk partition is so simple, computer Xiaobai can understand the disk partition tutorial!


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For the newly installed system, there may be only C disk, ifSoftwareInstallation andfileStorage in C disk will be very messy, findfileIt’s also troublesome

As a computer user, it is necessary to form a good habit of using the computer. It is a good habit to partition the disk. In short, disk partition is to split a drive letter into multiple drive letters. Drive letters are generally expressed in letters and cannot be repeated, such as disk C, disk D, disk e, etc. of course, you can also give these drive letters a name (volume label), such as disk C labeled as system disk, etc

Generally speaking, it is recommended to partition the system into three disks, namelyDisk C (system disk)File diskandSoftware disk. Such a partition can effectively manage the computer, such as findingfileJust go to the file disk to check the installationSoftwareJust go to the software disk(Click to see more computer suggestions)。

Start partition

PressShortcut keyWin+Ropenfunction, and then entercompmgmt.msc, pressEnterKey oncomputer management

clickDisk management

You can see that there is only one primary partition and one EFI system partition

In Disk C areamouseRight click to selectCompressed volume

Shows the compressed space being queried

Input the space to be allocated to other disks, here compress 50g (1g = 1024m), whereSoftware disk20G,File disk30g, you can allocate space according to your own disk situation.

You can see that there’s 50g more unallocated space

In this areamouseRight click and selectNew simple volume

After the new simple volume wizard pops up, clicknext step

Enter the size of the disk space to be allocated, here is the software disk allocation 20g, and then clicknext step

You can see that there is no C disk and D disk to choose from. Maybe everyone’s will be different because C disk (system disk) already exists

Disk D is a DVD drive (of course, this is only the case of my computer), as shown in the figure below

So chooseDisk eclicknext step

Enter the volume label (name) for the drive letter pair, and then clicknext step

Finally, check the information and right clickcompletethat will do

After the partition is completed, as shown in the figure below, you can see that the software (E) disk has allocated 20g of space, and there is still 30g of unallocated space left

According to the same method, 30g space is allocated to the file (f) disk, and the final allocated effect is as follows

You can see that disk C does not have a volume name like disk E and disk F. you can use themouseRight click and selectattribute

Then enter the volume name and clickdetermineperhapsapplicationthat will do

The name is as shown in the figure below

So far, the disk partition is completed, in which disk C isSystem diskAnd disk e isSoftware disk, f isFile disk.

Disk partition is so simple, computer Xiaobai can understand the disk partition tutorial!

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