Digital Tibet China NFT DAPP development


If we say that the high price of individual items makes people smell the short-term money of digital collections, as an important asset of the meta universe, digital collections have attracted the attention of leading groups in various fields because of their long-term future potential.

After Facebook changed its name to “meta”, taking advantage of the concept of meta universe, digital collections became hot in the giant group. Fashion digital collections are one of the most popular categories in the meta universe, while social media and games are the categories that are suitable to become the carrier of the meta universe.

Digital collections understood by many people are divided into collections and encryption art in the NFT report:
Among them, in 2021, the transaction volume of collectibles was US $8.472 billion, the sales volume was about 4.5 million, the average price was US $1882, and the total profit was US $3.575 billion.
In 2021, the transaction volume of digital encryption art was US $2798 million, the sales volume was 774300, the average price was US $3282, and the total profit was US $1.213 billion