Different learning strategies of C / C + + programming language are written by programmers!


1、 Taken out of context

C language has appeared for 50 years. Many contents are outdated, and at least 20% of the contents have no practical value.

C + + goes too far. At least 70% of the content has no practical value.

Linux, too, has thousands of commands, no more than 50 commonly used by programmers.

People’s energy is limited. For infrequent knowledge, just understand the concept and don’t toss. In my tutorial, I lack linked list, bit operation, sorting algorithm, binary tree, red black tree, C + + input / output stream, C + + template, C + + exception, etc. these knowledge have no practical value and are useless except for blowing cattle.

Most of the existing C / C + + language textbooks are written by professors and lecturers. In front of experienced programmers, professors and lecturers who have not gone through actual combat always stay at the level of primary school students.

There are also many video tutorials on the Internet. Most of the tutorials just move the content from books to videos, without any new ideas.


2、 Cultivate the feeling of programmers

I like to see the animal world. Advanced mammals such as lions and low insects such as bees have their own language. Compared with human language, animal language is very simple. But if you don’t study animal language, you can’t understand it at all.

Compared with human language, computer language is actually very simple. Beginners think it is difficult because they are not used to it.

Therefore, for beginners, cultivating the feeling of programmers is the most important thing.

Programmers are written.

People who have been to the Forbidden City know that no matter how smart you are, it is a high probability to get lost after many turns. However, the cleaning workers in the Forbidden City will not get lost. Are you not as smart as the cleaning workers? Certainly not. You’re not used to it and you’re not familiar with it.

You have seen countless pictures and videos of beautiful women on the Internet. Any beautiful woman on the Internet is unlikely to make you blush and heartbeat. However, in real life, if a beautiful woman really appears in front of you, it is estimated that you will be at a loss.

No matter how many times you watch anything, you’d better do it again. It’s the same with writing programs. The programming language is not difficult, but you don’t understand, get used to or be familiar with it.

Watching other people’s programs and watching others write programs are different from writing programs by yourself.

How do you do it? Take action, write more programs, get used to it and get familiar with it. At the beginning, it doesn’t matter if the program is rubbish. There is no born boss. At the beginning, the boss is a rookie.


3、 Learning strategies

1. Learning basic computer knowledge

If you are not a computer related major or zero foundation, it is recommended to learn the basic knowledge of computer and computer network first. These basic knowledge includes a lot of common sense.

When learning these two aspects of knowledge, don’t go deep into theory, don’t learn algorithms, even if you can’t understand them, don’t entangle.

Basic computer knowledge mainly includes the following contents:

1) Computer history.

2) Computer applications.

3) Basic concepts of binary, decimal and hexadecimal.

4) Computer bus, external equipment.

5) Basic concepts of computer software and operating system.

6) The study time shall not exceed 20 hours.


The basic knowledge of computer network mainly includes the following contents:

1) Basic concepts of computer network.

2) LAN, Wan and Internet.

3) ISO reference model.

4) TCP protocol (a rough understanding of UDP).

5) IP address, gateway, subnet mask, DHCP protocol.

6) The world wide web and HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

7) E-mail and SMTP protocols.

8) File transfer protocol FTP.

9) Remote login protocol (mainly SSH, understand telnet).

10) You don’t have to study for more than 30 hours.


2. Learning Linux operating system

More than 70% of the demands of enterprises for C / C + + programmers are developed in the Linux system. The Linux development environment may make beginners uncomfortable and unaccustomed, but this is the right direction. Our goal is to become a C / C + + programmer, not a Linux system administrator. As a programmer, you only need to be familiar with the Linux operating system environment and master common commands, mainly including the following contents.

1) Introduction to Linux system.

2) Installation of Linux system.

3) Remote login command (mainly SSH, understand telnet).

4) Linux commands are commonly used. Note that there are thousands of Linux commands, about 50 of which are commonly used. You can understand as many as you can, even if you don’t understand. I will mention the Linux commands related to programmers in the tutorial.

5) Management of Linux users and groups.

6) Linux file system.

7) Shell foundation. Note that shell can be very complex and shell script is also a programming language. However, we are C / C + + programmers and generally do not use shell to write script programs. Operation and maintenance personnel use shell scripts more.

8) Basic knowledge of Linux processes.

9) Linux firewall configuration.

10) You don’t have to study for more than 50 hours.


3. Learning the basic knowledge of C / C + +

The focus is to cultivate the feeling of writing programs and master the basic knowledge of C / C + + language. The feeling of writing programs is more important than the knowledge of C / C + + language. It takes about two to three months for non computer majors and one month for computer related majors.

After learning the basic knowledge, if you are under the age of 23, I suggest you find a job first. It doesn’t matter if the salary is lower, as long as you can support yourself. Advanced into this industry, there is a practical environment. Learning while working is the best plan. There is no pressure in life, and learning is more motivated. (the age under the age of 23 is the age for college students to graduate. At this age, no matter which school they graduated from, everyone is a rookie and it is normal to don’t understand. If they show a positive attitude during the interview, it won’t be too difficult to find an internship position.)

If you are 25 years old, it may be difficult to find a job after learning the basic knowledge, because the age is inconsistent with your ability, and the company may not hire you (it is normal for young people to have poor skills, and it should not be when they are old and just master the basic knowledge).


4. Learning what books to buy

This is an era of the Internet. Some contents in books are available online. If in doubt, baidu is faster and richer than turning books. Some people may say that the knowledge of books is more comprehensive and systematic, which is completely nonsense, because if a book is really so good, it is too easy to move the contents of books to the Internet. Scanning, photographing and typing are OK.

There is no work sunflower Scripture in the world, there is no Yi Jin Jing, and there is no shortcut from entry to mastery. What you need is the determination and will to learn.


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