Different 3D visualization platform for asset security



In the era of digital economy, the application of good data is the key to the digital transformation of enterprises. The effective management and control of data based on cutting-edge science and technology is the new trend of digital value-added services. In recent years, the whole security industry is paying more attention to asset management. According to the relevant data released by IDC, by 2020, 50% of education and large enterprises will consider using VR / AR, large screen electronic whiteboard, smart bracelet and other products to improve the office efficiency of enterprises. With more and more intelligent devices entering the enterprise network, the importance of enterprise asset management is increasing year by year.

Only by doing a good job in the “seeing” ability of assets, can we better guarantee the safety of assets. Under the traditional IT deployment mode, an enterprise asset inventory may take ten hours, and time is the lifeline of security attack and defense.HT for WebOn the basis of fully studying and analyzing the enterprise’s demand for asset security management business, this paper uses theHTRich 2 / 3D configuration builds an asset security information platform, which enables assets to have the ability to “see”, enables users to clearly see the asset situation, easily deal with asset security management problems, improves the intelligent level of enterprises, and creates good technical support for the construction of smart enterprises.

Preview of interface loading effect

We useHT for WebThe lightweight model and web configuration create two parts: 2D panel and 3D configuration
Different 3D visualization platform for asset security


In the middle of the interface is a very cool three-layer turntable. Each layer represents the asset statistics in different organizational structures. At the same time, there are binary codes on the middle column for decoration. Together with the technology ring around the turntable, it creates an avant-garde scientific illusion for the whole interface.
Different 3D visualization platform for asset security

Data panel

The data panel on both sides of the interface is divided into two parts, the left is mainly alarm information, and the right is mainly statistical information. Statistics of data by chart, disc, histogram and other ways can make managers have a clear understanding of asset status and facilitate management and control.
Different 3D visualization platform for asset security

systems analysis

1. Asset management system

We assign the platform to a multi-level organizational structure and set multiple tags for different businesses. It includes real-time display and statistical analysis of equipment, software and various IT components, data association analysis and data mining in asset status of different asset corresponding organizations and businesses, and all-round asset management, making asset security management more suitable for enterprise business scenarios.

Level 1: fixed assets
Different 3D visualization platform for asset security

The second layer: invisible assets
Different 3D visualization platform for asset security

2. Intelligent alarm and monitoring

Built in notification alarm system. From the “health Overview” on the left data panel, we can see the statistics of emergency information, event warning, fault repair and the number of faults issued by the system. The bottom is the real-time monitoring of enterprise assets and the statistics of platform alarm information. Managers can timely handle emergency events when needed to avoid accidents The losses have increased.
Different 3D visualization platform for asset security

Different 3D visualization platform for asset security

3. Asset statistics based on organizational structure

The platform can carry out asset statistics according to the organizational structure of the enterprise. The data panel on the right side of the interface shows the overall situation of the enterprise assets. The bottom is the statistics of the use of the company assets according to the feedback and statistics of different departments, as well as the asset statistics according to the process type.
Different 3D visualization platform for asset security
Different 3D visualization platform for asset security

Realize value

HT integrates the advanced 3D UI technology with the enterprise security requirements, and solves the enterprise network wide information asset security management problem by 3D visualization.

1. Intelligent early warning

From enterprise asset discovery, new vulnerability threat notification detection to asset trend tracking records, a closed-loop management mechanism for enterprise asset security is formed;

2. Intelligent analysis

It can analyze and compare the historical data, including the increase, change, disappearance, abandonment of assets, and abnormal changes of assets, so as to assist managers in making safety decisions;

3. Intelligent management

Combined with the organizational structure and business structure, it realizes the hierarchical management of all levels of organizations, deeply explores the enterprise asset information, draws the enterprise asset security distribution map in detail, strengthens the wall of enterprise asset security management, and constructs the defense line of enterprise asset security management.


As a part of smart enterprise, the project deepens big data mining, deeply integrates advanced information technology, industrial technology and management technology, realizes digital perception, network transmission, big data processing and intelligent application of management, so as to make the enterprise present a flexible organizational form and a new management mode of automatic risk identification, intelligent decision management, and autonomous deviation correction and upgrading The mode of management. The digital technology support provided by HT can not only solve the problem of data presentation, but also inspire managers to think about the value of data from different angles, and then enter the next step of data analysis and mining. At the same time, it can also provide data governance tools to solve the problem of enterprise data sharing and help realize data capitalization operation.

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