Differences and instructions of tree, unformat and vsafe commands


Tree displays the command tree structure

[where applicable] view all subdirectories

Tree [drive letter] displays all subdirectory trees

Tree / F displays the directory with the file name

Tree / a displays the directory tree in ASCII

[example] C: \ windows > tree / A

Unformat , recovering a formatted disk

[suggestion] have you formatted the floppy disk with important information? Use unformat… What? Did you use it
Format / u, that’s dead

Unformat [drive letter] restores the specified formatted disk

Unformat / L , displays the file name found by unformat

[example] C: \ windows > unformat A: \

Vsafe{virus protection program

[suggestion] loading it into memory can detect many kinds of viruses at any time, which is more useful.  

Vsafe load vsafe in memory

Vsafe / u # remove vsafe from memory

Vsafe / NE} load vsafe into extended memory

Vsafe / NX – load vsafe into extended memory

The other parameters are ^ ax ^ CX ^ n ^ D

[example] C: \ > vsafe