Difference and Comparison of Three UML Modeling Tools Visio, Rational Rose and PowerDesign


ROSE is a design tool developed directly from UML. Its appearance is to support UML modeling. At first, ROSE did not support database-side modeling, but now it has added the function of database modeling. ROSE mainly describes various semantics, modules, objects, processes and states in the process of development. It is mainly embodied in the ability to analyze and design from various aspects and angles, making the blueprint of software development clearer and the internal structure clearer (but its structure is only for those developers who have mastered UML. That is to say, it is not necessarily very effective for customers to understand the functions and processes of the system, and it has a good support for the generation of the system’s code framework. But it is not very good for database development management and database side iteration.

PowerDesigner is a database modeling tool originally developed for database modeling. It was not until version 7.0 that support for object-oriented development began, and then UML was introduced. However, because PowerDesigner focuses on different aspects, it supports database modeling very well, supporting about 90% of the databases that can be seen, and supporting various diagrams used in UML modeling lags behind. But it has been strengthened recently. So it is not used for UML development, many people use it as database modeling. If you use UML analysis, it has the advantage of good support for Sybase’s product PowerBuilder when generating code (other UML modeling tools do not have or need some plug-ins), and other object-oriented languages such as C++, Java, VB, C# support is also good. But it seems to have inherited Sybase’s tradition and is not very good at China’s market, so there are always some problems in its support for Chinese.

UML modeling tool Visio was originally only a drawing tool, which can be used to describe all kinds of graphics (from circuit diagrams to building structure diagrams), and it was only until VISIO 2000 that software analysis and design functions were introduced to all functions of code generation. It can be said that it is currently the most able to use graphics to express all kinds of commercial graphics purposes. Tools (for Soft)
UML support in component development is only a small part of it. It is compatible with Microsoft Office products. Ability to copy or embed graphics directly into WORD documents. However, for code generation, Microsoft products such as VB, VC++, MS SQL Server (which is also Microsoft’s tradition) are more supported, so it can be said that it is more convenient to describe graphical semantics, but it is a bit far-fetched for iterative development of software development process.

UML modeling tools Visio, Rational Rose and PowerDesign are the three most widely used modeling tools:
1. Rational Rose, it’s from ibm.
2. Microsoft Microsoft Office Visio #2003
3. Enterprise Architect. There are other tools such as PowerDesigner, etc.

Rational Rose is a UML-based modeling tool. In the field of object-oriented application development, Rational Rose is an important factor affecting its development. Rational Rose has attracted the attention of the industry since its launch, and has been leading the development of visual modeling tools. More and more software companies and development teams have begun or adopted Rational Rose for analysis, modeling and design of large-scale project development.
From the point of view of usage, Rational Rose is easy to use and supports complex system modeling using multiple components and languages; iterative development can be achieved using bidirectional engineering technology; team management features support large, complex projects and large and usually dispersed teams in different places. At the same time, the convenience brought by the perfect combination of Rational Rose and GUI in Microsoft Visual Studio tools makes it the preferred modeling tool for most developers; Rose is also the first tool on the market to provide UML-based data modeling and Web modeling support. In addition, Rose supports other areas, such as customization and product performance improvement.
See http://www.uml.org.cn/Requirement Project/200604043.htm for details.

2. Introduction to UML Modeling Tool Visio #2003

3.Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect is a fully functional, UML-based visual CASE tool, which is mainly used to design, write, build and manage goal-oriented software systems. It supports user cases, business process patterns, and dynamic charts, classifications, interfaces, collaborations, structures, and physical models. In addition, it supports C++, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, C# and VB.Net. See http://www.softwarechn.com/SparxSystems/sparxsystems_index.htm for details.

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5. Comparison of EA and Rose UML Modeling Tools

6. For UML introduction, see the official website of UML in China. There are many introductions about UML modeling and modeling tools.