Didi automatic driving finally came, and the whole Shanghai was boiling about it


Probe fish

“Didn’t you say what kind of unmanned driving is going on recently?”, I said.

In 2016, when I was still fishing at Evergrande, I once talked to my colleagues about the driver’s license test. I said I didn’t want to take the driver’s license test very much and looked forward to the arrival of driverless. Later, I took the test. It was really delicious!

At that time, the project went online smoothly. I was eating exploratory fish, and the fish was also very fragrant.

As a post-80s PM, the project leader smiled and said that my idea was somewhat impractical.

“You are also a code writer. You know that if you write a lot of judgment, it is unrealistic to realize it.”

At that time, I didn’t study AI. Later, I learned a little. In fact, it is more based on mathematical probability. I prefer to call it the combination of mathematics and computer science.

Just like human beings, every decision we make is actually looking for an approximate optimal solution. Deep learning is the same, so AI can do what human rational decision-making can do, or even do better.

On June 27, 2020, Shanghai officially announced that didi automatic driving online car Hailing service was launched. From now on, Shanghai passengers can experience automatic driving service for free.

Didi automatic driving finally came, and the whole Shanghai was boiling about it

In a flash, four years have passed, saying whether it is long or short. The seemingly unreachable things mentioned before really happened.

What impact will this have?

Technology and morality

Recently, I read several idle books, “life 3.0”, “a brief history of the future”, and “super intelligence” read two years ago. Here we make several reasonable assumptions about the future development of machines and people.

Different from the myth of AI when alpha go defeated Ke Jie; It is also different from the people-oriented view of “humanism”.

What will happen in the future? The probability is that human beings can control AI and create a more efficient and better world.

At least, I hope so.

The popularization of automatic driving is not an overnight thing, but the improvement of the whole ecological chain. 4G makes mobile payment unprecedented prosperity; Gaode map makes navigation popular to every driver and even everyone who needs to go far; AI and cloud computing provide the cornerstone of automatic driving.

Of course, there are several obvious problems here.

For example, the construction cost: not all cities can enjoy driverless, because it has certain requirements for network and other infrastructure. However, this is understandable. Just like didi taxi business, in fact, up to now, it is not popular in all cities, and taxi is still troublesome in many places.

Promotion problem: if it is free, many people will be happy to try, especially young people and young Chinese. This route must also be a more secure route, so the safety factor is still very high.

Moral problem: no matter how developed technology is, we should always discuss a philosophical problem – tram problem. If an accident happens, how should the program choose? As you can see, any choice will be criticized.

Didi automatic driving finally came, and the whole Shanghai was boiling about it

However, in other words, if we can strictly separate people and vehicles, many problems are not unsolvable, and everything will move forward in an efficient way.

It’s just a long way, but it’s worth looking forward to.

Future trends

I think of a very interesting question here. Baidu in bat has been automatic driving for many years. It was not Baidu that fired the first shot in Shanghai this time. I don’t know how the Internet pattern will change in the future?

During the industrial revolution, the invention of tools such as the steam engine led to the unemployment of many workers. Many manual labor was replaced by machines. Today, we certainly believe that the technological revolution brought us convenience, but what if it was a worker at that time?

Like them, we are likely to strike and protest, unable to be depressed, and finally have to accept the reality and find a new job to make a living.

Didi automatic driving finally came, and the whole Shanghai was boiling about it

In the future, drivers, even couriers and takeout boys in big cities will also face similar problems.

In fact, this problem has happened for a long time. How many employees are needed before the financial, banking, accounting and other industries have no computer technology, and how many people will be laid off after all automation?

The wheel of history will never go backwards. No era will retreat from industrial society to agricultural society.

You may say that the industrial revolution has brought environmental pollution, but no matter how serious the environmental pollution is, only science and technology can solve the problem of science and technology. Besides, do you and I really care about environmental pollution? As long as our life is better, are you willing to emit less carbon in summer and winter without air conditioning?

The wheel of history has roared. Either get on the bus or the wheel will roll over you.

By the way, the car is still self driving.

Didi automatic driving finally came, and the whole Shanghai was boiling about it