Dida travel cloud provides rich public travel for tens of millions of users


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Company profile

Our company is Hangzhou Jintong Technology Group Co., Ltd., established in 2009. Our company’s business is engaged in the development and application of public transportation intelligent management system, and is the world’s leading public bicycle system (Hangzhou public bicycle system) builder and operator. City one belt, one road, one intelligent city, the other is the three main sectors, which are intelligent bicycle, intelligent bus and intelligent parking. It provides public transportation services for 297 cities (including 28 provincial capitals / vice provincial cities), and covers 2 Member States. Its “Dida travel” has covered 150 cities in China, serving tens of millions of users, and has rich experience in the implementation of public travel solutions.

Business pain points

  • It is difficult to create the equipment database. The traditional method needs hardware facilities such as site and equipment. The maintenance cost is high and there are many problems.
  • After the number of equipment increases exponentially, the traditional server has too much bearing pressure, and the data processing time is too long to maintain normal use.


Figure 1. Solution architecture

Dida travel cloud provides rich public travel for tens of millions of users

Scheme details

  • Alibaba cloud Internet of things platform provides safe and reliable connection and communication capabilities for our company’s devices, connecting down massive devices to support equipment data collection in the cloud; providing cloud API upward, and sending instructions to the device side by calling the cloud API, so as to realize remote control.
  • Alibaba cloud IOT platform also provides other value-added capabilities, such as device management, rule engine, data analysis, edge computing, etc., enabling various IOT scenarios and industry developers.

Cloud value

The Alibaba cloud Internet of things platform has the ability of long connection and million level high concurrency of 100 million level devices. It has good expansibility and is very suitable for scenarios with massive device access.


“Based on Alibaba cloud Internet of things platform, we can focus on the service optimization at the top of the business and expand at home and abroad, which has played a significant role in the rapid development of Jintong technology” – Yin Zhigang, R & D director of Jintong technology

Selected products

  • ECS

    The Elastic Compute service (ECS) is an IAAs (infrastructure as a service) level cloud computing service provided by Alibaba cloud with excellent performance, stability and reliability. Cloud server ECS eliminates the preparation for purchasing it hardware, and enables you to use the server as easily and efficiently as using public resources such as water, electricity, natural gas, etc., so as to realize the instant use and elastic scaling of computing resources. Alibaba cloud ECS continues to provide innovative servers to meet a variety of business needs and help your business development.

    For more information about ECs, please refer to the ECS product details page.

  • Object storage OSS

    Alibaba cloud object storage service (OSS) is a massive, secure, low-cost and highly reliable cloud storage service provided by Alibaba cloud. Its data design persistence is not less than 99.99999999% (12 9S), and service design availability (or business continuity) is not less than 99.995%.

    For more information about object storage OSS, see the product details page of object storage OSS.

  • Load balancing SLB

    Server load balancer is a traffic distribution control service that distributes access traffic to multiple back-end cloud servers (ECS instances) according to the forwarding policy. The availability of the application is extended and the application ability is enhanced.

    For more information about SLB, please refer to the load balancing product details page.


    MySQL is one of the most popular open source databases in the world. As an important part of lamp (Linux + Apache + MySQL + Perl / PHP / Python), MySQL is widely used in various application scenarios.

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