Dialogue flow internal test | easy to solve complex business needs


For developers to solve the business requirements of multiple rounds of dialogue service, iflyos dialog flow starts internal test.

Iflyos dialogue flow integrates AI technologies such as voice recognition, speech synthesis and natural language processing accumulated by iFLYTEK for many years, providing visual intelligent session development services for developers. By using iflyos dialog flow, developers can integrate multiple rounds of dialogue services that meet the business requirements and apply the dialogue flow services to different terminals.

Dialogue flow internal test | easy to solve complex business needs

Dialogue flow internal test | easy to solve complex business needs

Adapt to three application scenarios and greatly reduce the labor cost

In today’s rising operating costs, every enterprise is thinking about how to solve the simple and repetitive work through science and technology, so as to reduce the heavy and inefficient labor costs.

The mature AI technology provides a new idea for enterprises, and iflyos dialogue flow platform uses AI technology to solve this problem for enterprises. Nowadays, there are three common application scenarios of iflyos dialogue flow platform:

Intelligent customer service robot

Iflyos dialog flow can be seamlessly connected to the existing manual customer service system, and intelligent customer service is used instead of manual customer service to provide customers with 7×24 hours of customer service. This can greatly reduce customer service labor costs and improve customer service efficiency. The iFLYOS dialog provides API docking, and developers can channel the dialogue flow to WeChat official account, APP application, web/H5, telephone and other channels according to their needs.

When docking the manual customer service system, the following methods can be adopted:

  1. Intelligent customer service priority: after the call is connected, simple problems or common problems are taken over by the dialogue flow, and complex problems are transferred to manual customer service;
  2. Manual customer service priority: when the manual seat is idle, call the manual seat directly. When the manual seat is busy, it is transferred to the conversation flow connection;

Dialogue flow services can be widely used: business processing, commodity booking, life assistant, etc.

Return visit of regular users

Iflyos dialogue flow can also be connected to the existing return visit system of old users. You can complete the return visit business of old users through the dialogue flow service, and conduct dialogue guidance and information collection for intended customers or regular users. In the process of sales and return visits, the dialogue flow system not only has voice synthesis comparable to voice, but also understands the relevant information of customers. It can intelligently provide the next step service for users according to the feedback of users.

Process game class

You can also complete the development of process games through the dialogue flow platform. After the user starts the game, he can promote the process of the game according to the user’s game operation, and complete multiple rounds of interaction between the system and the user. After using the dialogue flow platform to make dialogue flow, you can connect the dialogue flow system to the existing game system to provide users with more diversified game interaction experience.

besides,Intelligent voice assistant, service-oriented robot, children’s education hardware, vehicle hardware, etc. all scenarios involving multiple rounds of dialogue, context information maintenance, interaction process and jump logic design and development are suitable for development using iflyos dialogue flow platform。 In view of these scenarios, the development mode of dialogue flow has the characteristics of clearer design ideas, more intuitive expression and more efficient development than pure skill development mode.

Four simple modules help developers

In order to make it easier for developers, iflyos divides the design process of Task-based dialogue intoFour modules:

Dialogue flow internal test | easy to solve complex business needs

  1. Analyze the real use scenarios of dialogue flow;
  2. Combing the business, combing the voice interaction process;
  3. According to the business process, configure the dialogue flow;
  4. The real user data is obtained for secondary optimization.

The dialogue flow platform will create a more simple, faster and lower cost multi round dialogue business capability for developers who use iflyos. The ultimate purpose of this platform is to enable consumers to obtain more convenient and fast services and improve business profits for enterprises.

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